Rockbridge Ballet Students Leap into Recital


Cameron Terry, Reporter

May 5th through the 7th,  the Rockbridge Ballet dance company put on their annual recital. The recital is used to put together all of the work the students have done throughout the year, and to be able to showcase it to their families and friends. The show contains tap, jazz, modern, and ballet dance styles.  

Freshman Claire Sigler shared how she prepared for the recital. 

“We did many types of rehearsals where we were familiarized with our spots on stage. We also did dress rehearsals which are full out  performances, just without the audience.”, said Sigler. 

The company is a select group of dancers who must audition and are required to take a certain amount of high level classes. The company girls also get to perform in the holiday recital. 

Freshman Summer Hull is a part of the company.

“ My favorite company dance was “Christmas Medley” from the “Nutcracker,”  said Hull. 

Seniors at RCHS who dance with the company get to perform a solo that they choreograph to show everything that they have learned over the entirety of their dance career. 

Rockbridge ballet will hold a summer camp for any new dancers wanting to join.