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Students Develop Consequences for Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is big among the students at Rockbridge County High School. Fantasy Football is a game that involves drafting a team with NFL players, what those players do on the field earns them points, and members in your league face off each week one on one to see who gets more points.  Almost as popular as the game itself is the punishment that comes with losing. These often harsh consequences have become increasingly popular the last couple of years, especially with students.

Somewhere during the season, members of a fantasy league will get together and decide on one consequence for whoever would be so unlucky to place last. You have to wonder what these punishments add to the overall experience. 

Senior Milo Mulitalo is the commissioner of his fantasy league, a league that is very into the idea of a harsh consequence for the loser. 

“It’s more fun when there’s a risk,” said Mulitalo, “Nobody wants to lose, so it adds an ‘intense’ and ‘competitive’ feeling to the game. Everyone loves the risk of the punishment, but nobody wants to be the loser.”

In the case of junior J.P. Welsh, he was the unlucky one to place last in his fantasy league. His league chose his punishment following the conclusion of their season.

“I had to run a 4×4 mile, but there was a twist,” said Welsh. “Every lap I had to eat one item off of the Wendy’s 4 for 4 meal, which included a burger, fries, chicken nuggets, and a large drink.” 

Welsh highlighted that he didn’t throw up, which is a testament to how harsh these punishments can be, but it “definitely could’ve been worse,” said Welsh

To some, that may seem bad as it is, but it does in fact, get worse. 

It seems extreme that it could get worse, but as these punishments go it is pretty normal. Punishments give players the freedom to create their intrusive ideas of chaos into reality, and almost everyone enjoys the outcome. You better hope you made the right picks for fantasy, because these punishments are truly nothing to mess with. 

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Jackson Speers is a senior at Rockbridge County and a first year reporter for the Prowler. Speers is stoked to be on the journalism team and is ready to, “drop some heat.” He’s a part of Rockbridge’s lacrosse team, as well as a part of FCCLA, Ystreet, NHS, and is the Class of 2024 President. In his free time, Speers enjoys collecting rocks and searching for purpose in the stars. After he graduates he will strive to achieve his dream of becoming a renowned Opera singer.  

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