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A Student’s Guide to Passing Exams


As the stress of exam season approaches, students are beginning to study for their midterms. With the first exam being on December 14, we have some helpful tactics on how to prepare for the exams. There are many ways to study for exams, but these are a few of our favorites.

Our first study tip is to review notes. All of the exams are based on your notes, so knowing them by heart will help you succeed. If there is something that you don’t understand, make sure to ask your teacher about it before the exam. 

The next method for preparing for your midterms is to make flashcards based on the notes and activities completed in class. Flashcards are helpful as they help you memorize the content as you write it down and you can quiz yourself over and over until you have memorized the content.

Another helpful way to study for an exam is to have a family member or friend quiz you on your notes or flashcards. Not only is it a fun way to study, but it is also very helpful to repeat the answers out loud. It is also beneficial if you quiz a friend that is taking the same class as you. This way you can both benefit by helping each other study.

There are also multiple websites online that provide good resources to help you prepare for your midterms. Both Quizlet and Kahoot have multiple modes to help you study. On Quizlet, you can create your own set based on your class or look one up. There are multiple options to choose from such as flashcards, matching, write, learn and practice tests. On Kahoot, you can look up sets and play by yourself, or create a game for you and your friends to study. 

It is also important to complete practice problems, especially in math. Answering problems correctly over and over can help you learn how to do the problem. Another helpful website is IXL because if you get a problem wrong it shows you your mistake and has an option to watch a video explaining how to do it. 

If you receive a study guide from a teacher make sure to do it. It will assist you so much in the future. The teacher has created this resource to help you, so use it to your advantage.   

Our last piece of advice is to start studying in advance for a few minutes each night. Do not wait till the last second to try to study for the midterms, not only will it be stressful, but you will not have enough time to properly review the material.  

By using these tactics, you will hopefully go into your midterms feeling prepared and relaxed. Good luck on your exams!


  1. How do you like to study for exams in different subjects?
  2. How far in advance do you start studying?
  3. What do you do the night/day before to prepare for the exams?


Corinna Allen

“For all subjects I quiz myself on notes. I usually start studying up to two weeks in advance. The night before my exam I reread all my notes.”




Liam Stillwell

“I typically like to practice problems for math and some science. For history, science, and English, I study the material until I feel confident. Most of my studying takes place in the 7 days prior to the exam. If I am confident, my schedule doesn’t change that much but sometimes I will cram before an exam.”



Youssef Azab

“I study for exams by looking over the material covered by the exam, writing down major points and rereading important sections, and making sure to email my teacher with any questions I have beforehand. I usually start studying two to three days before the exam, but if it’s a major assessment I may start studying even earlier. The day before I usually look over my notes and try to emphasize any topics I had issues with, as well as creating a summary of the topics covered by the assessment in my head so that I’m prepared for a question about any particular topic covered.”

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