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Artificial or Real Trees?

Artificial or Real Trees?

As the Christmas season approaches, more and more people are putting up their Christmas trees. With some people using real trees and some using artificial trees, the question remains, which one is better.  

There was a poll sent out to the student body asking students what Christmas tree they prefer. There were 182 responses. 51% of students voted for artificial trees and 49% voted for real trees. 

  Sophomore Presley Brzostek was asked about why her family prefers artificial trees over real ones.

“I love artificial trees because you don’t have to keep up with it or waste money on getting a new tree every single year,” said Broztek. 

Brzostek goes further on her appeal to artificial trees.

“One more thing I like about not having a real tree is not cleaning up all the pine needles,” said Brzostek. 

 According to Brzostek, artificial trees have the upper hand because they are less expensive and don’t result in a mess around the house. Although the reasons for an artificial tree seem like a clear indicator of which is better, let’s see the other side to the argument. 

Junior Sofia Smith voted in favor of real trees  and was asked her reasoning. 

“I think people should buy real trees for the experience of going out and finding a tree to cut down,” said Smith. “[As opposed to just] pulling it out of the attic.” 

Smith believes that “Christmas trees are all about the experience. From finding a tree, to cutting it down, and then to decorating it with your family, the process makes memories,” said Smith.

Sophomore Natalie Samante was asked why Christmas trees are so important for holiday memories. 

 “Making Christmas memories are a very important part of the holiday. Having the perfect tree will make that memory more special,” said Samante.

 If you are looking for an artificial tree you can get yours at Target, Amazon, Michaels, or Home Depot. If you are looking for a real tree close to the Rockbridge area, you can go to 1250 Ridge Road down in Raphine, VA and cut down your own tree at Ridge Road Ranch.


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