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Dean Fafatas is a sophomore reporter for The Prowler. This will be his first year in journalism, and he couldn't be more excited. In his free time, Fafatas likes to hang out with friends or watch  movies....


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Remembering the Favorite Things about Rockbridge

Graduating seniors try on their graduation outfits. Photo courtesy of The Trivium.

It does not feel like long ago that I was a freshman wearing a mask in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic walking through the halls of RCHS. Time has flown since then, and lots of memories have been made. Rockbridge has introduced me to some incredible people that I am very fortunate to have in my life. As my time here comes to a close, I have many things that I will miss. Although I cannot fit everything I will miss into one article, here are ten things that make Rockbridge special to me.

  • Teachers: I have had some great teachers while being in high school. They have come across a wide variety of topics such as Histories, Social Sciences, and English. These teachers genuinely care about all their students, and I will miss seeing them everyday next year.
  • Mrs. Emery and Mrs. Ramsey: Mrs. Emery and Mrs. Ramsey are the first people you see when you walk into the school. They are always quick to greet you and are some of the nicest people in the school. No one is a better representation of RCHS than these two.
  • Friends: There are lots of students at the school and it can sometimes seem overwhelming. But, attending RCHS has given me the chance to make so many different friends. This can be from classes, sports, or some other activity but I do not know if there is a better place to find friends than RCHS.
  • Field Trips: Over the span of four years, we have had the opportunity to go on some very unique field trips. One that particularly stands out is the Washington DC trip in the Fall of senior year. This trip was very fun because it basically felt like going on a vacation with your friends.
  • Sports: Sports are a big part of the student culture here at Rockbridge. This creates a special sense of school spirit and community. There is nothing better than seeing everyone come together to root for the school.
  • School Dances: Homecoming and Prom are always two of the biggest weekends of the school year. These nights carry plenty of special memories for lots of students. School dances will definitely be missed by all graduating Seniors.
  • Class Parties: Class parties are often held to celebrate the end of the semester or the end of the school year. The food is always fantastic. Journalism is especially known for having exceptional parties with a vast array of delicious food.
  • Talent Show: The talent show is the largest event of the year for the Journalism class. It is a massive fundraiser. Hosting and participating in the talent show brings back some of my fondest memories of high school.
  • The Cafeteria: Eating lunch with friends everyday for four years is something that we often take for granted. I have not laughed in any room more than I have in the cafeteria at school. Also, a special shoutout to all the cafeteria workers for always brightening everyone’s day.
  • School Spirit: Rockbridge has immense amounts of school spirit. This makes it a fun school to attend because so many people are very invested in the school. It is evident how much faculty at staff care about the school. This makes RCHS pretty unique to me.

This article could have been much longer but these are ten things that I think every Senior, not just myself, will miss as we move on. Finally, I would like to thank Ms. Holton for letting me write so many articles for The Prowler over the past two years. Best of luck to all future Rockbridge students!

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Sean Martino
Sean Martino, Opinion Editor
Sean Martino is a senior editor in his second year of Journalism. Martino has been a Sports Editor in the past and is now an Opinion Editor. He is looking forward to working with the wonderful Prowler staff for the second year in a row. He enjoys the collaboration and the excitement that comes with being in The Prowler. Martino is a member of the RCHS baseball team and is involved in various other clubs within the school. He likes to spend his free time traveling the hills of Rockbridge County and supporting local eateries such as Don Tequila’s and Cookout. He also considers himself a passionate sports fan, and loves to watch his favorite teams. Following graduation, he is planning to attend a four year university to further his studies. 

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