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Maddie Dahl

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Summer Kick-Off Activities in Rockbridge County


With summer right around the corner, students are trying to find fun activities to occupy themselves in the summer. In Rockbridge County, there are countless things to do, such as, fun hikes, swimming, going to the safari park, going to the drive-in theaters, etc. 

To find out these different fun activities, students were asked what they do during the summer and what they recommend others do. With how diverse of a student body RCHS has, there were many different unique activities brought up.

Sophomore Ethan Camden shares his ideas for those staying in Rockbridge.

“I recommend students to Kids Playce and play basketball…”

Camden then shares why he recommends this.

“I find it fun to hangout with friends and practice [basketball],” said Camden. 

Kids Playce is a local park in Lexington right down the street from Maury River Middle School.

Freshman Cate Skaggs shares what activity she suggests students to do in the summer.

“…play pickleball at the country club,” said Skaggs. 

The country club is a place where people from all ages are able to hangout. There is a pool, a golf course, and tennis courts where you can play pickleball. This is all surrounded by ponds and neighborhoods within the location. 

Skaggs and Camden also both recommended physical activity through sports, there are also some other activities that can be done. Some possible other activities include working or being in nature.

Sophomore Nadia Gaydos talks about where she recommends students to swim.

“Students should go to Jordan’s Point and jump off rocks,” said Gaydos.   

Jordan’s Point is a spot on the Maury River right below the Lexington bridge. It is a place to swim and possibly play some games, for example, like soccer on the field. When entering Jordan’s Point there’s a field for any kind of activity.

Senior Daniel Grim shares what activities he finds fun to do in the summer.

 “I like to float down the Maury [River],” said Grimm. 

A great place to start and end floating the Maury River is starting at Jordan’s Point and ending at Ben Salem WaySide. 

Sophomore Brittany Lopez works at Dunkin’ Donuts this summer.

Lopez shares her thoughts and recommendation for a job.

“I think students should go get a job so you can get cash,” said Lopez. 

Getting a summer job can give students a balance of responsibility and fun. When you have a job to get money that opens the amount of activities students can do in the summer. 

With summer coming up fast, it’s a time of endless possibilities & making memories. There are many different activities that students can choose from in Rockbridge County. From being outdoors with friends to working and earning money, there are many activities to incorporate into your summer. 

Senior Daniel Grimm (Eliot McDonald)
Freshman Cate Skaggs (Lola Mulitalo)
Sophomore Brittany Lopez (Lola Mulitalo)
Junior Ethan Camden (Lola Mulitalo)
Sophomore Nadia Gaydos (Noah Carroll)
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Noah Carroll
Noah Carroll, Reporter
Junior Noah Carroll is a first year reporter for the Prowler. As a first year student, he is ready to take on the challenges he faces. Carroll plays for the varsity boys soccer team and is also a part of the Outing Club and the amazing Spikeball Club. If Carroll isn’t strolling around the halls, you will find him practicing to become a water polo professional. Having big dreams of water polo might not work out and he doesn't have a back up plan. Even after all that, he is excited to produce quality content and media for the Prowler. 

Quincy Speers
Quincy Speers, Reporter
Quincy McCall Speers is a Junior at Rockbridge County High School and a first year Prowler member.  He is a Co-President of the RCHS Outing Club and loves to use words such as, “word, real, unreal, and electric.” Speers is really good at winning class elections, pickleball trash talk, and silly little puzzles. He is a part of NHS, the lacrosse team, spikeball club, and the Joey Chestnut fan club. Lacrosse is Speers’ second passion behind watching Netflix Romantic Comedies. Speers is excited for this school year and seeing his peers.  

Lola Mulitalo
Lola Mulitalo, Reporter
Sophomore Lola Mulitalo is a  first year reporter for theProwler. She loves being funny - some might even call her the dad joker. Lola always has a dad joke ready and can make any crowd stay quiet. When Lola isn’t cracking jokes, she likes to watch Tangled and compete in National Cotton Candy Eating Races. Lola participates in RCHS girls lacrosse team and basketball team. Although Lola likes to play basketball, lacrosse is where she thrives the most. After high school Lola plans on partnering with Elon Musk to continue charter flights to the moon and back. Mulitalo is thrilled to be in the journalism group and can’t wait to get started. 

Eliot McDonald
Eliot McDonald, Broadcast Editor
Junior Eliot McDonald is the staff videographer for the Prowler staff  but also loves writing articles of many kinds. In this coming year of Journalism, McDonald wants to expand his repertoire of writing styles, get more involved with school events, and help new journalism students produce the best media they can for The Prowler. Other than subjects that reside under the label of “English” McDonald loves to study History and Social Sciences. Outside of school, McDonald enjoys soccer for a club team in the fall and he also plays for the highschool soccer team in the spring. In addition to soccer McDonald is big into the world of physical fitness and weightlifting. When not in soccer season he likes to powerlift and plans on eventually competing in a powerlifting meet when time permits. Whilst on breaks from school, such as summer break, McDonald loves going to his family's beach house. When at the beach he loves to fish, swim, and bike. McDonald is ecstatic to continue his work in the world of journalism under the guidance of his peers and teacher, Ms. Mary Holton.

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