TikTok Challenges Cause Chaos in Schools


Heidi Schwarzmann, News Editor

The popular social media app TikTok was released in 2016. Over the years, the platform has grown exponentially. The app allows users to create short videos to different songs or sounds and upload them to their profile. While the app was created with the intent of harmless fun, recent trends arising have caused mayhem in schools across the country.

TikTok trends are typically choreographed dances or popular sounds that users record themselves to. However, a recent trend titled the “Devious Lick” has encouraged kids to steal or vandalize property at their school. The stolen school property involved has varied from soap dispensers to entire sinks taken from bathrooms. 

Anna Wilson is a Junior at RCHS. 

“These challenges have certainly gotten more extreme and are interfering with the learning environment,” said Wilson. “It started out fine, but it definitely escalated and has become a problem.” 

Scott Fleshman is the Assistant Principal at Rockbridge County High School. 

We have had some things happening potentially related to some of the Tik Tok challenges, but we have been, as we always are, vigilant,” said Fleshman. “The few incidents we have had have been reported to us by students, and it has helped in the process of finding responsible parties.”

While the recent Tik Tok challenges have seemed to be the main cause of this issue, cases of vandalism have always been present in some form at schools.

“I’m not sure if Tik Tok is the ’cause’, but the need for popularity (as is usual) is part of the issue,” said Fleshman.

Administration urges students not to participate in these challenges, as they cause expensive, inconvenient harm to the school as well as its students. If you see or hear plans of vandalism contact your administrators as soon as possible. Help keep RCHS TikTok challenge free and safe.