Detectors Spark Change

Sinthya Cruz-Perez, Reporter

At RCHS there was a school survey questioning the vape detectors. According to the survey with 297 Responses,173 people feel that the vape detectors have not made the school safer, and 124 voted that they do feel safer. 

According to Web MD they have shown that vapes contain chemicals such as nickel, tin, and aluminum. The vapor in the vapes is not just water vapor,it is also Aerosol which contains the chemicals.

 In the brain nicotine releases the chemicals causing a “good feeling” for the user. This also causes addiction because of nicotine, which is an addictive substance. 

The lungs can cause rapid breathing, risk of lung disease, and a higher risk of lung cancer. Lung cancer can be caused by smoking, and when someone is smoking or vaping they are damaging the cells that line the lungs. As you inhale the chemicals. you are damaging your lungs more and more, people who are highly addicted keep putting those chemicals in their body causing lung cancer. 

The heart, our main system that keeps pumping blood throughout the body, also gets damaged by smoking. Smoking makes your heart rate and blood pressure go up which makes your heart work harder. It is working harder to get oxygen and blood to cells. This tends to lead to a higher percentage of having a stroke or heart attack. 

Vaping also affects a person’s immune system by making it weaker and it is known for weakening its ability to fight off germs or diseases. Despite all the things it does physically, it also does a lot mentally. It can cause mood disorders and symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can also cause you to lose focus more frequently. 

Speaking to Nurse Heidi Sheltman, “Vaping is not Regulated by the FDA.” said Sheltman.

What happens to the lungs is a main concern for vapers. “Little particles go into the lungs and cause irritation,” said Sheltman.“Some people have come on with pain and I could not hear breathing on one side of the lung, the lung ended up collapsing,” said Sheltman.

Scott Fleshman has been the assistant principal for his third year at RCHS. When asked about why the vape detectors were brought in, Fleshman responded with “Because vaping is clearly an issue at school, and for the safety of the students we did the school safety survey and people were concerned about those things.” The next thing asked was how the vape detectors work. Fleshman stated “It picks up small particles in the air that the vapes themselves let out.”

 Vaping is a big issue around the world and if you need help recovering from addiction or want any information about the nearest recovery center, contact called Roads to Recovery. (434-455-0053)