HOSA Makes Cupcakes for a Cause


Jaden McCoy and Sydney Boucher measure out vegetable oil to begin making the cupcakes. Photo taken by Cameron Terry.

Cameron Terry, Reporter

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as a way to show recognition, Mrs. Deborah Wright’s Nurse Aid classes wanted to revitalize the annual cupcake selling tradition put on by the Health Occupations Students of America club. 

Selling cupcakes had been a tradition at RCHS for years, but because of the health concerns that COVID brought, it had to be put on pause. Wright and her class were ecstatic when they found out this year that they were able to bring back the tradition, but they also knew there would be a lot to do.

The students worked diligently through the week to bake and decorate the cupcakes before being sold Thursday and Friday. They were able to sell all the cupcakes raising $780 to be donated to the Breast Cancer Institute. 

Junior Kaley Tomlin and is a part of the HOSA club within RCHS Nurse Aid classes.

“To be able to make the cupcakes and sell them was a privilege. The reasoning behind this project was to raise money to advance research about breast cancer. We ended up completely selling out of all the cupcakes in the morning of just the first day. $260 was raised amongst the cupcake sales and all of the proceeds went towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This foundation also tripled this amount making it $780. This was an amazing opportunity” said Tomlin.

Sarah Allen is a senior in the HOSA club and has contributed time and hard work into cupcake baking and selling. 

We were really excited because we were told that however much money we raised, our donation would be tripled! This was an important event to us because we felt that most people spread awareness but often don’t really do anything, so this was our way of really getting involved and helping to raise money for a good cause” said Allen. 

Overall the cupcakes were extremely successful and everyone was very pleased with the results including the students and teachers who bought them.