Seniors Leave Their Mark


Lauren Whitesel and Tucker Hopkins leaving their mark on the wall. Photo credits: Eliot McDonald

Baileigh Ramsey, Reporter

If you have ever been in some of the classrooms around RCHS, you may have noticed that there are student handprints on the bricks. Students in the past years have left their hand prints on the walls of teachers’ classrooms to show their legacy and school spirit at the high school. The Senior Class Head Sponsor, Jessika Crance, organized a very special way for seniors to keep their legacy alive at RCHS. 

“The SCA’s goal this year was to increase school spirit. During one of our executive council meetings, we were discussing ways to spotlight our senior class. We discussed many options including a rock, lockers based on what your plans were after school, and I shared photos of the wall from a neighboring high school,” said Crance. “We all liked the idea of the wall, but would have to get it approved by the Administration. Dr. Craft was very supportive and agreed that doing something to spotlight our senior class was a good idea.” 

Every senior will have the opportunity to put their hand print on the wall including their name and which college they will attend. The seniors are honored to start this tradition throughout the school. 

Senior Tori Blackwell also participated in this tradition as well. 

“Being able to have a senior wall is something that is really cool to me. I felt like being able to leave something behind after 4 years was such a good idea. I think it is nice that one day the class of 2023 will be able to look back at it and remember fellow classmates and time spent at RCHS,” said Blackwell. 

“Not only can we look back but we can also look at our class as a whole and see all of the different paths we’re all taking. It is for sure emotional but also really nice to be able to participate in one more thing before we all start our futures. I felt like it was one way to leave my mark on the school and I can wish nothing but the best for fellow classmates,” said Blackwell. 

To have this in our cafeteria for everyone to see is very special and also emotional because a piece of the class of 2023 will be left there.