Model UN Excels At Chapel Hill


Model UN Members on the Chapel Hill Trip. (Photo courtesy of Youssef Azab)

Taina Covington, Reporter

On Feb. 24, the Model UN Club traveled to Chapel Hill. They met with other students from other schools in a Model United Nations conference. Twelve members of the club participated in the trip. 

Social Studies teacher Chris Gallagher is the sponsor for Model UN.

Students represented different countries or people in a simulation of various Model UN committees. For example, we had students role play as Portugal and Denmark in a simulation of the World Health Organization.” said Gallagher.

This competition lasted three days. The students participated in 6 different sessions where they simulated real-world discussions.

 “The goal is to accurately represent your country and at the same time negotiate an outcome that solves the problem in a way your country would be favorable towards,” said Gallagher. 

Senior Sara Topasana is a Model UN member that participated in the conference. While she enjoyed the trip itself, she also enjoyed the camaraderie that came with it.

“For me, the most memorable experience from this year’s Chapel Hill conference has to be when our school’s delegation went to downtown Chapel Hill on Franklin Street for our Saturday dinner. It was an absolute blast spending time with the whole group, discussing our committees, eating amazing food, and creating bonds with each other. After the trip, we were all much closer to one another than before, and I’m happy to say I have more friends than I did before at RCHS,” said Topasana.

Maddie Doefler is a sophomore who also went to Chapel Hill. 

“…meeting a bunch of new people, and walking around campus while eating delicious food was for sure amazing!” said Doefler.

Model UN will continue to meet throughout the year and run their simulations. If you are interested, you can contact Mr. Gallagher at [email protected] or find him in room 125.