Knives Out slashes into Theaters


Provided by Lionsgate

Beckett Howe, Reporter

The new mystery film “Knives Out” stands out with its original storytelling, terrific cast, and unexpected humor and horror. Each of the actors does a splendid job within the film as the Thromby family when they are faced with an unexpected event. The screenwriter does a fantastic job of making the characters come to life. Every argument within the family is written and acted in such a way that they sound like typical arguments that common families would have. This helps tie in the audience and make some of the characters relatable on a personal level. Even some humor is thrown into the mix as a break from all of the action of the classic “who-done-it” mystery film.

This mysterious tale begins with the discovery of Harlan Thromby, a successful mystery writer and the so-called “breadwinner” that started the trend of success within the Thromby family, in his upstairs study strew on the couch dead. The medical examiners rule his death a suicide. This is when the story deviates, the action starts to hasten, and the plot thickens. 

The “gentleman sleuth” Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, is hired to investigate Harlan’s death. Many clues and possible motives are brought to light during his investigation. It is revealed that multiple family members are holding grudges against Harlan, and everyone is a suspect. The only person in the estate that Blanc can trust is Marta Cabrera, played by Ana de Armas, who is Harlan’s former caretaker. For the rest of the film, Blanc and Cabrera must work together to solve what was thought to be an easily solved case.

His death unravels the family, and all turns into chaos. Insults and accusations are thrown at each other like an out-of-control food fight within a middle school. The crime is solved and all is well, or so they think. Secrets are revealed, lies are unmasked, and in the end the Thromby family learns that not all is as it seems when it comes to their family and the relationships within.