Show Review: Preacher


Beckett Howe, Reporter

With all of the free time given via quarantine, people have extra time to do all of their normal house tasks and more. People spend this time in between chores by watching shows on T.V. or on streaming services, playing video games, or just browsing social media. With all of this free time, people might catch up on shows they have not seen for a while, or start a new one. A new binge-worthy show is the AMC show called Preacher

This story takes place in a small sleepy town called Annville, where the heat is scorching, and the townsfolk are friendly. A vast cast of characters inhabit this town, but the main character is a man named Jesse Custer, a former mercenary running from his past and a preacher of a small chapel just outside of town. This small town is flipped on its head with the arrival of new characters, ranging from angelic agents to party-crazed vampires to an ex-lover. Through a twisted turn of events, Jesse obtains a supernatural power, known as Genesis, that gives him power to command anyone to do anything. With this power, he sets his sights on straightening the moral compass of the townspeople. 

Before he sets his plan in motion, he meets a new friend named Cassidy, a wild, drug-fueled vampire that decides to tag along. He also reconciles with an old flame named Tulip, his former girlfriend and partner-in-crime during his criminal years. Along with them, two angels from Heaven, named Fiore and deBlanc, are tasked to retrieve Genesis and take it back to its domicile. Jesse is then faced with a dilemma of whether or not to return this all-powerful entity back into the angels’ hands.

This show combines the supernatural with action, gore, and violence that is otherworldly. There are twists and turns, secrets and betrayals, a cowboy from Hell and angels from above, cults, and, finally, a hunt for a powerful being. This show will leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. Will Jesse succeed in his attempt of saving the townsfolk, or will he have to leave it all behind for a greater cause?