The Big Leap Review


Kyle Goodbar, Reporter

The views expressed in this article belong to the reporter, and do not reflect the views held by Rockbridge County High School, the Prowler Staff, and its members.

“The Big Leap” is one of Fox’s new hit shows. The show began on 9/20/21 and the fans are absolutely loving it. The show itself is based off of a British reality TV mini series called “Big Ballet.” The show is a Comedic-Drama and it balances those two genres well. The premise is quite simple – people who are down on their luck finally get the chance to follow their dreams. Of course, this is not an actual reality TV show, but a parody of sorts that goes behind the scenes of one.

While there has only been 5 episodes, I can safely say I will enjoy this show down the line. I have always loved Reality Television, so to see a parody that is this well produced is a sight to see. Of course, the show’s humor is not all I have grown to love. The drama is top notch and is written in a way where it feels realistic and not forced. The arguments the characters get into feel natural and do not always get resolved immediately, which is amazing writing. The Big Leap’s use of comedy and drama is making it one of my favorite TV shows of 2021. 

The Big Leap also tackles issues that are still relevant in our society. Two of these subjects are fatphobia, or fat-shaming, and homophobia. The two main characters include a plus-size girl named Gabby Lewis, played by Simone Recanser, and a gay man named Justin Reyes, played by Raymond Charm Jr. 

Gabby experiences a lot of hardships in the show as a plus size dancer and is shown that she goes through body dysphoria at times. However, the show has a clear incentive in doing this. They want to build body confidence. Gabby may experience body dysphoria, but she is still able to exude confidence and beauty with every action. The Big Leap is trying to help some viewers get more comfortable in their skin, which I greatly appreciate. 

Next, we have Justin Reyes. In only the span of 5 episodes, The Big Leap has shown Justin get discriminated against solely for his sexuality. It also shows Justin’s stife with his father, who kicked him out due to him being gay. This is a very sad reality for a lot of gay people and I am glad the show brings attention to society’s prejudice and bigotry. 

I cannot recommend “The Big Leap” enough. It is a simply stellar show with a stellar cast. The writing is on point and, despite it being a parody, quite relatable. Please watch The Big Leap for yourself to see how spectacular this show truly is.