“The Summer I Turned Pretty” Sparks Interest at RCHS



“The Summer I Turned Pretty” TV show cover

Grace Fleshman, Reporter

In July, Prime Video released “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, a romantic and addicting TV show. With only one season, this TV show has managed to be on most teen minds. 

Viewers at Rockbridge County High School have become hooked on the characters’ personalities and dramatic love lives. The show is loved so much because of the drama and relationships between the characters. After watching it in only two days, the love triangle that was formed kept me on the edge of my seat. 

The main character, Belly, is a very relatable teen to many high schoolers. Not only did she have a new summer glow up, but she had a crush on three boys at the same time. Due to this being relatable, her experience in relationships and popularity in the show caught the interest of a considerable number of high schoolers at RCHS. 

After being overshadowed by her best friend in high school, Belly deserves this change in her appearance and the way she views boys at her school. Many teens in high school have experienced this at least once in their life. 

After her new summer glow up, she goes to her family friend’s beach house in Cousins Beach. The two brothers, Jeremiah and Conrad, she had spent her whole life running around with during the summer, were now both interested in her. This made viewers anxious to see which guy she chooses. Will she choose Jeremiah or Conrad?

 In my opinion, Jeremiah is the obvious option. Between his upbeat personality and his looks, he is the perfect option for Belly. Conrad on the other hand, has interest of some fans at RCHS, but because of his distant personality he is not mine and other students’ first choice. 

Overall, “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is an amazing show to watch for high schoolers. Between the many relationships between Conrad, Jeremiah, the two moms, Susannah and Laurel, and Belly’s brother, Steven, there is never a dull moment for viewers. This dramatic, exciting, and relatable TV show has become an all time favorite of mine.