E Hall Pass – A Poor Addition to Our Daily Lives


Eliot McDonald

Student Frustrated with E Hall Pass

Eliot McDonald, Reporter

By now, students have all felt the effects of E-Hall Pass on our daily lives at RCHS. In case you don’t know what E-hall pass is, let me explain. E hall pass is a new education app that Rockbridge County High School started using this year. E-Hall pass is a website and phone application that is supposed to regulate how many people are in a single bathroom at once as well as minimize skipping class. While this may sound like a good idea, this form of pass adds difficulty to both teachers’ and students’  days. By making every student in the school use this system, that is quite controlling, it seems like we are being penalized. 

These “penalties” I speak of are not the normal things you would expect from a school though. Student movement is being restricted by the school in ways of monitoring the amount of times we can go places such as the bathroom or water fountains. 

Not only will the app not let us go if we have already gone a certain amount in a day, it times how long we are gone for. Although it is the school’s responsibility to ensure the well-being of all students in this school, there are better ways to go about regulating class skipping other than this app. Ehall pass also adds on more tasks to teachers, who may be in the middle of teaching a lesson and forgetting to end the hall pass, therefore making it look like a student is skipping. 

 Bathrooms are supposed to be places of privacy and not all trips to the bathrooms are for actual bathroom issues. In our school (sometimes) people feel as if bathrooms are the only place that they can get some peace and quiet. 

What the school could do to fix people choosing to go to the  bathrooms with these issues is to offer some other sort of place they can go to where they could be alone and get some peace and quiet. In conclusion I think that the implementation of E Hall Pass could be improved by adding more leeway, including more hall passes and a convenient way to briefly step out of the classroom that helps both the students and teachers.