Social Media Brings Positivity


Emma Bates, Reporter

Social Media has a negative connotation to some people due to body dysmorphia, cyber bullying, and unrealistic lifestyles. Contrasting to that belief, social media has a positive outcome on people because of the social aspect. Using a phone and the different apps or social media sources lets you talk to family members and stay in touch with people anywhere. Social media is a great way to get people to express themselves. Through the negative side effects, social media has become a normal everyday resource. 

Using social media lets you see different parts of the world in a new way. Not everyone can afford to travel and it is important to see the world and learn about the different views of people all around the world. The diversity in the media helps spread information. You could watch or learn about different cultural experiences and be more well rounded through social media. This can relate to getting information about serious foreign events 

Using social media can have many positive side effects on people of all ages. The media can offer a safe space for people to express themselves and talk about their experiences with mental illness. The media gives its users a support system and a way to reach out and hear from others with the same experiences. Social media also gives a strong sense of community.

 Using social media gives users a confidence boost. When someone posts on Instagram and looks really good or shows off something cool they are doing, you can comment and tell them that you like what they are doing and how they look. 

Some may argue social media is a big popularity contest, but some apps were made to counter that argument. BeReal, for example, is used to make sure everyone is on the same level, and that no one can see how many followers you have and there is no like system. All you get is a notification that it is time to “BeReal,” and you post what you are doing right at that time. These kinds of apps are being created constantly to help better the negative connotation around social media.

Using social Media is also a good way to benefit others. GoFundMe or just any app on your phone where you can post can spread information about people in need. Many average people have been able to get life saving surgeries due to fundraisers that have been spread around the media.

Whether you like social media or not, it is becoming a new form of life. Some people have not lived in a world where it never existed. Some adults use social media as their only form of communication. It is now a modern necessity most people cannot live without.