Why Frank’s is the Best Restaurant in all of Rockbridge

The front part of the Franks building.

Reagan Woody

The front part of the Frank’s building.

Reagan Woody, Editor-In-Chief

Assistant Sports Editor Sean Martino recently wrote an article opposing this topic. His article can be found here

Throughout all of Rockbridge, there are many delicious and affordable places to grab everyone’s favorite food: pizza. As a pizza-holic, I have tried many pizza places in Rockbridge, and each restaurant has its own unique and delicious way of making pizza. However, one of these places tops all.

The sign outside of Frank’s welcoming in customers to eat. (Reagan Woody)

Frank’s Pizza, located at 511 E Nelson Street, is the perfect place to stop and grab a quick to-go order, or to sit down and have a family meal together. Frank’s has been my home to many family dinners, pizza parties, and Wednesday pizza.

First, I have to commend the restaurant’s customer service. For the most part, I go to Frank’s with my dad, and I never fail to hear a friendly “Hey Tom!” from the workers as we walk up to the counter. When we sit down to eat, our waiters/waitresses are always friendly, and constantly come back to check if our table needs anything. The staff always makes sure that the restaurant has a positive atmosphere, and that welcoming atmosphere truly sets the restaurant apart from others. 

The next noteworthy part of the restaurant has to be the cleanliness. Every time I walk into Frank’s, the restaurant is always clean and well kept, and the tables are clean and ready to sit down at. There is always extra silverware and napkins neatly organized in the dining area that customers have accessibility to. 

Now to review the best part: the food. First, my all time favorite from Frank’s has to be the pepperoni pizza. After a long day at school, coming home to Frank’s mouth watering pepperoni pizza has always been a favorite of mine. First, I love the taste of the sauce and the cheese put together, as it really adds a boost of flavor to the pizza. Next, the pepperonis

A perfect pepperoni from Frank’s.
(Reagan Woody)

add an extra boost of deliciousness, and it really brings out the flavor of the cheese and sauce. Finally, the crust, which is made soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside, really adds the finishing touch to the slice, making it the perfect piece of pizza.

Up next, another one of my Frank’s favorites has to be the ham and cheese sub. This has been one of my favorites for years, and it has always been a go-to item off the menu for me. First, the way the oil and vinegar and the ham combine makes for a delicious treat. The lettuce and the tomato accent the oil and ham perfectly, and the sandwich ends with a perfect, crispy sub roll. This sandwich can come either hot or cold, and I always love to get mine hot. The way the cheese warmly melts into the rest of the sandwich really brings together the whole meal.  

Finally, my third favorite meal from Frank’s has to be ham and cheese calzone. Like the hot ham and cheese sub, the way the ham and cheese melt together in the calzone makes for a perfect meal. My favorite appetizer to pair with the ham and cheese calzone has to be the mozzarella sticks, as this adds another spark of cheesy flavor.

A hot ham and cheese sub ready to eat from Frank’s. (Reagan Woody)

In the end, I have to encourage people to pay a visit to Frank’s Pizza. The affordable prices and quality meals will not disappoint you, and will satisfy both your wallet and stomach. For a full menu, visit here. To place a carry-out or catering order, you can call (540) 463-7575. To view daily specials, visit here.