Lil Baby Releases Mediocrity


Lil Baby album cover of “Its Only Me” Image courtesy of Stereogum

Eliot McDonald, reporter

On Oct. 14, Lil Baby released his newest album titled, “It’s Only Me.” On the cover of the album he depicts his own face on Mount Rushmore. In this artwork though, as the album suggests, he is the only face on this monument. 

Because of the grand image, one would think that the album to come is going to be of monumental quality, but that is sadly not the case.

Lil Baby is most known for using his unique voice, vocal talents, and the universality of his abilities to produce excellent music. In this album, he seems to not really put in the work to reach that level of excellence. 

When I first listened to the album, the first thought that hit me was that just about every song sounded the same. In my opinion he wasted some of the best beats on the album. Normally, Lil Baby shines on these fast and up tempo beats but he did not seem to try on most of them this time.

We see that he still can be extraordinary and that he is not “washed up” by any means. On the track “Not Finished” and  “Everything” we get to see the artist we expected to hear and want to hear more of.

As time has gone on since the release of the album, some of the music that I previously did not enjoy has grown on me and even made it into my own personal playlist. Songs like “Never Hating,” “Pop Out,” ”Not Finished,” and “Heyy” are some of my favorites. 

Although the majority opinion about the album is negative, he did not produce a “bad” album, per say. The redundancy of his flow and beats leave me feeling a bit let down by this release of music. You can stream this album on various platforms such as Spotify;