Thanksgiving? The Most Overlooked Holiday


“Thanksgiving dinner is served” by Creative Commons, from Wikimedia Commons, License.

Sean Martino, Assistant Sports Editor

There is no better way to ring in this holiday season than discussing the most overlooked and underrated holiday in American society, Thanksgiving. As the air gets colder and the wind gets crisper, many folks turn their attention to their extravagant Christmas and New Year’s plans. While these holidays deserve the attention given to them, Thanksgiving should also be treated with the same excitement.

Thanksgiving always kicks off an exciting time of the year. It truly marks the beginning of the holiday season. Yet, you would hardly know this as we are bombarded with Christmas music from all corners starting on Nov. 1 every year. More people should recognize that Thanksgiving is a holiday that serves as an introduction to the holiday season.

After discussing it with family members and friends, I have heard a variety of reasons why Thanksgiving can get forgotten in the rush of the holidays. The most common ones are that the Thanksgiving break is significantly shorter than winter break, and the classic Thanksgiving dinner is hard to pull off. I am here to debunk these allegations and offer solutions.

There is no denying that winter break is a much needed relief from school every year. There is truly nothing better than leaving on the last day of the semester and realizing you are done with school for two whole weeks. Though what Thanksgiving break lacks in time, it makes up for in quality. 

It is the first multi-day break of the school year. It allows us to have a small taste of what the upcoming winter break will be like. Thanksgiving break should be more appreciated because it is the first real break of the year, even if it is not the longest.

Finally, the key component of enjoying Thanksgiving is having a tasty dinner. It is quite difficult to cook what everyone requests. This can often lead to frustration, but if a Thanksgiving dinner is cooked correctly then the meal far outweighs any type of Christmas dinner.

I hope that this article made you realize that Thanksgiving is absolutely a top tier holiday. It is a time for family, food, and even some football. It is a nice way to kick start our holiday season in America. Happy Holidays!