Best Spring Break Activities for Staying Local


Eliot McDonald

Student browsing the web for ideas for his spring break.

Eliot McDonald, Reporter

Many students and parents may argue that spring break is not nearly long enough and that it leaves people in a sort of awkward state when thinking of what to do with this week off of school. It is not enough time to go on a great big trip but also it is not only a day or two with the dates being April 1st – April 9th. 

One remedy to this dilemma is simply staying in state. Virginia is such a compact state in terms of activities and how far you have to go for them and that is extremely beneficial to the people who do not want to miss school to take a trip hours and hours away to only be at their destination for a couple days. 

The absolute best idea in my opinion for staying in Virginia for spring break is going to Washington DC. While yes, it is not by definition inside of Virginia, it is close enough to where an amazing day trip or couple day trip could be made. In DC, there are museums, monuments, and shopping galore with places like Tysons Corner being some of the best. 

Many people do not feel like driving 4-5 hours though simply to go see some museums, so if you were to stay home, consider the holiday of Easter that falls on the last day of our spring break – Not all festivities have to take place on the day! Activities like egg hunts, dyeing eggs and all that can happen in preparation if you feel so inclined. 

With the weather warming up and letting us get outside more, the natural beauty of Virginia can now be explored and adventured in. Going to places to camp such as national parks can be an exciting thing to do with your family or friends. If camping is not exactly your forte then going on a hike in the Shenandoah National Parks or even hiking Rockbridge County’s own House Mountain can make a fun day. 

While very popular and often overhyped in my opinion Virginia Beach is a solid vacation spot that is easy to get to and doesn’t take a whole lot of time to experience what there is to do. If your goal for spring break is simply to see the ocean but you don’t want to make the huge trip to Florida like many other people this time of year then consider Virginia Beach. With it only being about 3 hours and 45 minutes from Lexington. 

My last recommendation is staying home and resting. School before spring break leaves us in anticipation of the storm ahead that is made of final exams and SOL’s so a good week off to just relax is most definitely warranted. Students need a break once and a while mentally and physically. Although we do not get many of them, we as students must make the most of it.