Hit or Miss Reality Shows


RCHS Prowler top Netflix reality shows.

Eleanor Dare, Sports Editor

We are all familiar with reality shows like “Dance Moms” or “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” but in more recent times, companies like Netflix have been releasing reality shows with more of a “trashy” factor. Most of these shows are like a very popular show called “Love Island.” The focus of Love Island is finding your perfect match through a series of conversations and challenges. 

One recent show by Netflix is called “Perfect Match.” The idea of this show is going through compatibility challenges to find, you guessed it, your perfect match. Most of the people are from other reality shows like “Too Hot To Handle” and “Love is Blind.” Personally, I did not like this show. I thought it seemed very rehearsed and scripted. It was also extremely cringy so I would say this is a “miss.” 

Another reality show by Netflix starring Nick and Vanessa Lachey, titled “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On,” was very interesting. The idea of this show is to put couples’ love to the test:  they do this by bringing those who are already together and test their love while also introducing other potential partners. Throughout the show, couples split to go for other people or the couples get married based on how they go through the tests. This is a show that is hard to stop watching so for me, this is a “hit.” 

When companies make reality shows, they try to base them off of already- popular reality shows to hopefully make a lot of money. I think that is why a lot of reality shows end up getting bad reviews and bad ratings because people do not like spin offs. I would much rather watch “Love Island” than “Are You The One?” Since “Love Island” is the original, it is just a better show. There are some other newer reality shows that are compared to older originals shows. 

An Australian based show called, “Farmer Wants a Wife”, was an awful show to me. The idea of the show is similar to “The Bachelor,” except 10 women who are from the city go into the country and compete for the attention of a farmer. The farmer puts them to the test seeing if they can do yard work and take care of animals and things like that-basically seeing if she would be a good farmer’s wife. There are American seasons of this show too but it originates in Australia. This show was entertaining at times but sometimes it was awkward or even cringy to watch. This show is definitely a miss and a knock off of “The Bachelor.” 

There are not only these 3 reality shows there are many more and many more to come. How you like these shows depends on your personal preference but for me, I like to stick to the classics.