Which Moisturizer is really the “Balm?”


Emma bates

Favorite chapstick Brands

Emma Bates, Reporter

There are millions of different kinds of lip care available in the aisle. Lip masks, lip scrubs, and lip balms are all over the world ranging from cheap to very expensive. The range is $1 to $650. Nobody wants dry, chapped, and crusty lips. However, there are many brands that have false advertising about the capabilities of their lip balms. Chapstick is a brand of lip balm that has revolutionized the lip care industry.

The brand Chapstick has changed the world’s opinion on lip care. Chapstick has many different flavors and fragrances, however, they all still seem to do nothing hydrating.It also costs $3.88 for one tube. It is not anything great but it is also not bad, it is just a classic.

Carmex is good if you want packaging that is not appealing to the eye, burns your lips, and basically just doing nothing beneficial in the end. Many people have sworn by using Carmex but despite it coming in many different packages, it still ends up drying your lips so you feel the need to constantly use more.

If you want an odd and impractical way to carry lip balm, E.O.S. is perfect for you. Their marketing team finally realized how odd the egg shaped Chapstick was and started putting the lip balm in a regular container. In the end E.O.S. has the chic look most modern day people want with fruity scents most people like.

While Burt’s Bees has the environmental appeal of natural bees wax for a total of $3.99 to some it has an uncanny resemblance to a soft candle. If you enjoy rubbing wax on your lips Burt’s Bees is for you.


Aquaphor is another popular lip balm and body care brand. It is fragrance free and there are many different designs and different containers that the balm can come in. It has many healing and beneficial factors. However, the Aquaphor stick and tube of lip care is very different.

Vaseline is the all around pick for me. A small variety of flavors but it is just the right amount. Any different containers but the classic mini Vaseline container is the one for me. Creme Brulee Vaseline has the soft texture that can keep you hydrated for hours. The shape of the container also makes it slightly more sanitary for sharing purposes when someone asks because you are able to just stick your finger in.

In the end there are many different lip balms. Some of them work and some do not. Always look out for the ones filled with lots of fragrances because sometimes they can be harmful and have added ingredients that you do not need.

Do not be fooled by the packaging and make sure whatever lip balm you desire is portable, moisturizing, and something that feels good overall.