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A White Christmas is One to Dream Of

Snow at Christmas Graphic by Lexi Walters

As the Christmas season is starting up, the traditional winter weather approaches. For many people, a blanket of powdery winter precipitation is the best Christmas present that one could ask for. However, some people may still wonder if a white Christmas is really all that great.

While some people love the snow, others absolutely hate it. It is cold, wet, and makes everything muddy. It restricts driving, and having this winter precipitation on Christmas may hamper some people’s Christmas traveling plans.

 Last year’s windy Christmas nightmare still haunts our dreams, with people being trapped in airports and Christmas decorations flying down the streets. A white Christmas may very well bring these miserable windy conditions and put Christmas in jeopardy. 

While this may all be true, a blanket of fluffy, white snow brings a smile to many people’s faces on Christmas morning. Waking up to that feeling of snow adds to the magical feeling on Christmas morning. Kids can wake up and look through Santa’s deliveries while watching their quiet streets be blanketed by yet another Christmas miracle. 

After the typical Christmas festivities are over, they can enjoy their day by building a snowman, going sledding, or having a (not-so) friendly family snowball fight. After the sugar rush wears off and their toes turn to icicles inside of their boots, happy families can venture back inside to watch a Christmas movie and drink hot chocolate while warming their cold bodies by the fire. 

While this snowy Christmas miracle may seem like that unrealistic gift that everyone asks for each year, our wishes may be granted this year. Currently, it is predicted to rain on Christmas, but that could easily turn to snow if the temperature drops. The yearly wish that people sing about through the streets could turn to more than just a wish this year. 

According to, Christmas day will be rainy, with a high of 53° and a low of 18°. With several weeks ahead of us, an unforeseen temperature drop could be in our favor and create a snowy Christmas miracle.

People of all ages can thoroughly enjoy a white Christmas. Young children can get their first taste of the fluffy, icy treat. Older kids can take part in building a snowman, making snow angels, and going sledding. Full families can have snowball fights, and older adults will enjoy watching their younger family members playing in the snow while they happily watch from the warmth of the indoors.

Hopefully our dreams will come true this year, and the ideas presented in Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” will become more than just lyrics to a song. People will be able to find untraditional ways to enjoy a traditional holiday, and they will make memories that will never be forgotten.

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Lexi Walters, Reporter
Lexi Walters is a first-year sophomore reporter. She is taking journalism so that her dad will let her snoop on his W&L media and communications classes. Walters enjoys swimming, reading, and making art, even though she always manages to cover herself in paint. She has become unhealthily attached to milkshakes and loves a good Philly cheesesteak. Walters is on the RCHS swim team, and swims year round, even though her coach would prefer for her to take breaks when she injures herself for the sixteenth time. When she is not at school, you can find Walters working on hours of homework, swimming, or making sure young children don’t drown.

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