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Wildcat Winter Wins

Let me paint a picture for you…expired, sharp leaves fall from the sky and litter the ground as you sit and shiver in a pure brown backdrop. It is too warm for a coat, but too cold to make the trek from your front porch to your car, which at this point, is frosted over. The highlight: the spread of brown foods that await Thanksgiving Day. Your doctor is not happy of course; you just gained 25 lbs. In the fall, life is bitter. But…winter is on its way. 

The smell of Christmas and the white blanket that covers the ground all wash away the fall season blues. With Hallmark movies and hot chocolate, cozy fires and winter activities, there is nothing better than the winter season. 

Today we are going to examine why winter is better than fall and ask the students what their opinion is. 

The first reason why winter is better than fall is because of the snow. This godsend of white snowflakes serve as a chilly reminder that Christmas is on its way. It also serves to make winter activities possible such as ice skating, bobsledding, skiing, or much more. 

Sophomore Nadia Gaydos tells us why she loves the snowy weather. 

“I love snowy weather because it gives me an excuse to be cozy and watch movies all day,”said Gaydos. 

Another reason why winter is better than fall is because it is intertwined with the Christmas season. These two seasons, which go hand in hand, are highly valued by American society. Specifically, it was reported in a poll that half of the U.S. population wishes these seasons would be longer. 

Senior Bri Marando tells us why she wants the season to be longer.

“Cold blankets. Cold blankets  are the best part of winter because when it’s cold you cuddle up in blankets near the fireplace and watch a movie,” said Marando. 

After conducting a school-wide poll, we found that 66.2% of the students who replied liked fall better, leaving a measly 33.8% for those who prefer winter. While the poll reports that fall is more popular, we can all agree that winter is the better season. There is more to do, more to see, and boredom is never an option. 


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Hallie Darmante, Social Media Manager
Senior Hallie Darmante is a third-year member of the Prowler Staff. She is currently their social media manager and a Wildcat Weekly team editor. She is looking forward to working alongside her fellow Journalism classmates while also proving she is better at the course than her older, graduated brother, Blake Darmante. A sucker for extracurriculars and clubs, Darmante currently participates in PTSA, FBLA, Young Life, NHS, Outreach Club, basketball cheer, football cheer,  lacrosse, and Forensics, but she plans to expand her involvement to heights never seen before. Darmante is driven by a number of things, most notably her love for Milkduds, giving morning announcements, competitive sloth herding, and boy bands. With some chocolate in her mouth and some One Direction in her ear, there is nothing that she feels she can’t accomplish. Darmante hopes to become a living RCHS legend and a professional announcer; she likes to talk. However if that fails she plans to invest in her own company, Rent-A-Duck.   

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