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Cupcake Heaven: Which cupcake takes the cake?

Olivia Hickman
Cupcake Heaven signs on Washington st

In December, Cupcake Heaven opened its doors on West Washington Street in downtown Lexington. In celebration of the opening, we decided to taste and review all of the flavors offered that week. They have 8 standard flavors and they rotate 4 new flavors every week. 

The standard flavors are Cookies n’ Cream, Vanilla Almond with Raspberry, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese, Red Velvet with Buttercream, Triple Chocolate, Vanilla with Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Divine, and Chocolate Bliss. The special flavors for that week were churro, Luck o’ the Irish, Sweet Potato, and Chocolate Covered Strawberry. All of the cupcakes were very delicious and we had trouble choosing our favorites.  


With the variety of all the cupcakes and different flavors, making the decision of our top ones was a challenge, but here is our final ranking. These rankings were based on texture, flavor, creativity, and presentation.  

The cupcake that came out on top was the Sweet Potato. We thought that this idea was very creative. At first we were skeptical of this unique flavor, but we quickly realized that this cupcake was our favorite. The cupcake had a nice sweet potato flavor that resembled carrot cake. The cake was fluffy and moist which paired well with the marshmallow buttercream that was thick and creamy and topped with toasted marshmallows. If sweet potato casserole is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving, this cupcake is for you!

The cupcake that came in second place for us was the Triple Chocolate. We thought this cupcake had the perfect amount of rich chocolate and was not overly sweet. The cak

e was very moist and fluffy. The frosting was rich and not too sweet making the cupcake the perfect balance of chocolate and sweetness. This cupcake was the perfect amount of chocolate and a perfect option if you are a chocolate lover.

In third place is the Churro Cupcake. The flavor accurately represented a churro. The cake was very fluffy and had a perfect amount of cinnamon. The frosting was a perfect swirl on top and dusted in cinnamon sugar. Overall we loved the flavor of the churro and it was a very cute cupcake. 

The Cookies n’ Cream cupcake came in fourth for us. We both love cookies n’ cream, so adding to that love, was the perfect cookies n’ cream cupcake. The cake was a spongy chocolate cake and the icing was a smooth cookies n’ cream flavor. It was also filled with the icing and to top it all off there was a mini oreo on top completing the cupcake. 

The cupcake that came in fifth place for us was the Luck o’ the Irish. We loved the concept of flavor combinations. The cake was moist and had Bailey’s Irish Cream. The icing was Bailey’s buttercream which is typically stronger than the average buttercream. This flavor was very interesting and had a nice blend of spices. To finish it off there were some festive green sprinkles. Overall, we really liked this festive irish cupcake. 

In sixth place was the Chocolate Covered Strawberry. Who doesn’t love a chocolate covered strawberry, especially around Valentines Day! The cake was a rich chocolate filled with a sweet strawberry filling. The icing resembled a chocolate covered strawberry with strawberry icing surrounding a dollop of chocolate icing in the middle.  We loved this unique flavor combination and highly recommend it!

In seventh place was the Vanilla Almond Raspberry cupcake. We loved this cupcake as it was very light and refreshing. The cake had a unique vanilla almond taste and was filled with raspberry jam. To tie it all together there was a swirl of vanilla icing on top. All the flavors melded very well together resulting in a delicious cupcake!

In eighth place was the Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. We loved this cupcake’s perfect balance of frosting and cake. The cake was very fluffy and chocolaty. The frosing was a luscious cream cheese frosting that complemented the cupcake very well. 

In ninth place was the Chocolate Bliss cupcake cupcake. It consisted of a tempting chocolate base and sweet rich frosting. The icing was a cute swirl on top and covered in rainbow sprinkles. We both enjoyed this cupcake, but were in agreement that the triple chocolate cupcake was better balanced, but we recommend both flavors for our fellow chocolate lovers.  If you are an ultimate chocolate lover, you will definitely love this one as well. 

In tenth place was the Red Velvet Cupcake with buttercream frosting. The red velvet base was sweet and  the frosting was as well. If you like sweets, you will surely love this one, but if you are looking for a more balanced cupcake we recommend the red velvet with cream cheese. 

In eleventh place was the Vanilla with Milk Chocolate cupcake. It has a cozy feeling that makes you want to cuddle up under a warm blanket and eat it with a cup of coffee. The overall flavors were pretty common, so if you are having a difficult time deciding between chocolate and vanilla this is a great compromise. 

In twelve place was Vanilla Divine. Although it placed last, this is still a well loved cupcake by us (and many others). The icing was super thick and creamy, and the rainbow sprinkles added a fun flare. The main reason why this cupcake placed the lowest was because of the simplicity. Though, it is a strong and safe staple that most would enjoy eating. 

We loved all of these cupcakes and highly recommend going to check out Cupcake Heaven in downtown Lexington.    

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Olivia Hickman, Reporter
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