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Diet Soda Drinkers Guide


When walking through the soda aisle at the store it can be overwhelming to the uninformed consumer. There are so many choices; Pepsi or Coke, diet or normal, etc. These choices may seem small, but if you make the wrong one you’re stuck with a case of disgusting beverage.

Many are worried when making their soda decision that their choice of a low calorie soda will be made at expense of the taste. We think this is an arbitrary stereotype of diet sodas. Soda can be consumed in a zero/low calorie way without sacrificing any taste. 

We at the Prowler are here to help the average consumer become informed on the premise of diet sodas; which one should you spend your hard earned money on and which ones to stay away from. 

We taste tested the main sodas all in their diet forms. We tried Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet Sprite, and Diet Dr. Pepper. These sodas were ranked twice, on a scale of 1-5. The first time the sodas were ranked on taste and overall enjoyment, the second time  ranked on carbonation levels. 

We first tried Diet Mountain Dew. With a neon and slightly off putting color, we were slightly skeptical at first. But once it was poured we were pleasantly surprised. The vibrant color is a great representation of the vibrant taste that comes along with the soda. A carbonated pop of citrus and flavor was a good soda to start the reviewing process with. 

We then tried Diet Coke, which was a favorite among all of us. It had a great crisp taste while retaining a sweet flavor. There was a good amount of both fizz and carbonation, without being too overpowering. Drinking Diet Coke was a great experience and took the undisputed top spot for all of us in our rankings. 

We tried Diet Pepsi, which was an experience we all wish we could take back. Without any argument this soda fell into our least liked in the rankings. The taste just didn’t feel right, like the soda was trying to be another soda, much like the off brand sodas at Walmart or Kroger. The taste was bland and boring, and left a horrible aftertaste.  

We next tried Diet sprite, this soda by far was the most carbonated. A colorless liquid with the same lemon & lime taste just like the regular Sprite.  Its tangy citrus flavor, caffeine-free, makes it an appealing option for various occasions.

 Diet Dr. Pepper was the last soda we tried. With it having the same look of coke and the Pepsi, it wasn’t great. After pouring it, the foam was overpowering. Tasting the dr. pepper, the consensus was it had a very strong medicinal taste. It felt and tasted like we drank cough syrup. 

In the end we ranked the sodas from best to worst. They ended with these rankings starting with Diet Coke in first place, then Diet Sprite in second, Diet Dr Pepper in third, Diet Mountain Dew in fourth, and Diet Pepsi in last.

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Eliot McDonald
Eliot McDonald, Broadcast Editor
Junior Eliot McDonald is the staff videographer for the Prowler staff  but also loves writing articles of many kinds. In this coming year of Journalism, McDonald wants to expand his repertoire of writing styles, get more involved with school events, and help new journalism students produce the best media they can for The Prowler. Other than subjects that reside under the label of “English” McDonald loves to study History and Social Sciences. Outside of school, McDonald enjoys soccer for a club team in the fall and he also plays for the highschool soccer team in the spring. In addition to soccer McDonald is big into the world of physical fitness and weightlifting. When not in soccer season he likes to powerlift and plans on eventually competing in a powerlifting meet when time permits. Whilst on breaks from school, such as summer break, McDonald loves going to his family's beach house. When at the beach he loves to fish, swim, and bike. McDonald is ecstatic to continue his work in the world of journalism under the guidance of his peers and teacher, Ms. Mary Holton.

Jackson Speers
Jackson Speers, Reporter
Jackson Speers is a senior at Rockbridge County and a first year reporter for the Prowler. Speers is stoked to be on the journalism team and is ready to, “drop some heat.” He’s a part of Rockbridge’s lacrosse team, as well as a part of FCCLA, Ystreet, NHS, and is the Class of 2024 President. In his free time, Speers enjoys collecting rocks and searching for purpose in the stars. After he graduates he will strive to achieve his dream of becoming a renowned Opera singer.  

Noah Carroll
Noah Carroll, Reporter
Junior Noah Carroll is a first year reporter for the Prowler. As a first year student, he is ready to take on the challenges he faces. Carroll plays for the varsity boys soccer team and is also a part of the Outing Club and the amazing Spikeball Club. If Carroll isn’t strolling around the halls, you will find him practicing to become a water polo professional. Having big dreams of water polo might not work out and he doesn't have a back up plan. Even after all that, he is excited to produce quality content and media for the Prowler. 

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