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Off Brand Dr. Pepper is Underrated

Graphic of Off Brand Sodas Created on Canva by Gardner Clement and Jack Jensen
Graphic of Off Brand Sodas Created on Canva by Gardner Clement and Jack Jensen

Grocery stores such as Food Lion, Walmart, Kroger, etc, have their own knock off sodas. Most often, these sodas are cheaper than  name brand sodas. The soda that seems to have the most off-brand soda options is Dr. Pepper. We will go through each Dr. Pepper knock off and review them. Each soda will be judged on price, similarity to Dr. Pepper, and the funniest name. 

A 2 liter of Dr. Pepper is priced at $1.98 at Walmart. Dr. Pepper is a classic soda that is always delicious, so we will be discussing if it is worth it to buy the off brand version.

A 2 liter of Dr. Thunder is $1.48 at Walmart, so $0.50 less than Dr. Pepper. Dr.

Thunder is the most common off brand from Dr. Pepper, and many concession stands and stores sell it. We think that Dr. Thunder is the closest soda to Dr. Pepper, and at a cheaper price. 

A 2 liter of Dr. Wham is $1.25 from Walmart. Dr. Wham is a valuable option if you don’t

have Dr. Pepper close, but it is definitely not as good as Dr. Thunder. If you took off the logo for Dr. Pepper and Dr. Wham, you could taste the difference between the two. 

For Dr. K, a 2 liter is $1.25 at Kroger. Dr. K and Dr. Wham are the cheapest off brand

sodas. Dr. K is our favorite off brand version of Dr. Pepper. It is the cheapest, and it tastes just like Dr. Pepper. 

Dr. Perky costs $1.48 for a 2 Liter from Food Lion. Dr. Perky is very similar to Dr.

Wham. It is a good option if there isn’t anything else, but definitely not our first choice. 

 A huge aspect when rating these soft drinks is the name. Humor factor is very important to the consumer. A funny name just adds to the comedic relief that these knockoffs provide. Here are our favorite names of sodas.

Coming in at number one, our favorite name is Dr. Perky. This name is an all time classic. The creators of Dr. Perky knocked it out of the park here. 

 Dr. Wham is number two. It is pretty creative, and has a cool onomatopoeia, but it isn’t enough to beat Dr. Perky. 

Dr. Thunder comes in number three. It has a creative name, but not as good as Dr. Perky. It just isn’t as “out of this world” as the other names. 

 Coming in last place is Dr. K. For us, this name just isn’t cutting it. Dr. K isn’t overly creative. In our opinion, the producing team of Dr. K could’ve definitely conjured up something better.

Overall, there are many viable options for off brand Dr. Pepper sodas, but here are our rankings: 1. Dr. K, 2. Dr. Thunder, 3. Dr. Wham, and 4. Dr. Perky. 

There are many factors that are considered with ranking these sodas. The price, the closest taste to Dr. Pepper, and the value are all considered. Off brand sodas are better than you think, and they are well worth it to spend less money on the real soda!

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Jack Jensen, Reporter
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