Huo Zequigyu

Brooke Gardner

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Junior Huo “Curtis” Zequigyu is a new exchange student attending RCHS from Sichuan, China. Zequigyu currently resides with his host father, Michael Ross. Zequigyu’s main reason for traveling to the U.S. is his enjoyment of the film industry.
“I decided to come to America because I wanted to learn about film and movies, so I knew America is the best,” said Zequigyu.
Back home, Zequigyu’s parents work in the film industry.
“They’re a really nice family for making movies,” said Zequigyu.
Since his arrival, Zequigyu has experienced many differences from his old school.
“This school is a lot different than in China,” said Zequigyu. “There is a lot more freedom here and we get to choose our own classes.”
The students at his old school are not allowed to bring their phones to school. They also do not choose the classes they take. His previous classmates also have to attend different classes every day.
One of Zequigyu’s favorite classes this year is strength training. He also plans to join the boys basketball team later on in the fall of this year.
“I want to try out for the basketball club or the team,” said Zequigyu.
After spending his first few weeks at RCHS, Zequigyu’s main dislike is the lunch.
“The lunches aren’t as good as I expected them to be,” said Zequigyu.
After Zequigyu graduates high school, he wants to go to college in America, studying film and movies.