Petriella Pops Off

Adam Elrod, Reporter

Susan Petriella is the AP Language and Composition and English 11 CP teacher here at RCHS. Petriella transferred here from Maury River Middle School this year.

“I was thrilled to be at the high school,” said Petriella The transition from Maury River to RCHS was seamless and easy.”

Before this year she taught English 7 at Maury River Middle School.

Petriella teaches many classes, so she is with students all day. Although she is with them a lot, she enjoys their company. 

“Kids are kids,” said Petriella. “they make teaching fun and entertaining.”

  Petriella taught before the chromebook wave as well. She has mixed feelings about the new technology.

  “Technology changes the school system and it is very different from the time I started teaching,” said Petriella. “I miss teaching with textbooks instead of computers.” 

Petriella teaches the upperclassmen of the school, but did not change her thoughts on her motives for teaching. Petriella is very passionate about teaching, and has started to improve her student’s education.

 “I became a teacher for the kids,” said Petriella. 

Petriella has many hobbies outside of school. She also has a close relationship with her family.

 “Things I like doing outside of school are running, gardening, reading, cooking, and spending time with my grandchildren and dogs,” said Petriella. “Family time is very important to me, so I enjoy being around my grandkids and other family a lot.” 

Petriella has high hopes for her students this year.

“I am expecting a lot from my students, and I know they won’t disappoint this semester.” Said Petriella.