Boys’ Basketball vs. Parry McCluer

Ejiuwa Abah, Reporter

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The boys’ basketball team defeated the Parry McCluer Blues 50-45 on Jan.2.

Junior Harrison Hundley, kicked off the game by making three three-pointers in the first quarter. Hundley added two more baskets.

Jalik Lynch, Nathan Bailey, Alex Balisteri, and Triniti Stores led the team to a 31-24 halftime lead. Head coach, Darrell Plogger was pleased with the hard work of his boys.

“Our effort is always really good with these guys. We played hard and we did what we did well,” said Plogger.

In the second half,  Derek Carter, Byron Winchester, and Stores had all scored baskets and brought the score to 46-24, but the ‘Blues began to fight back and brought the score became 46-45 at one point, but the ‘Cats continued to fight back by making more baskets.

“We did very well. As a team, we worked together and got the job done,” said captain, Bailey.

The ‘Cats goal is to win the district and make it to the playoffs.

“With being in a new district, there is more competition, but that is exciting to us,” said Bailey.

The ‘Cats currently hold a record of 4-7-3.