Girls’ Basketball vs Harrisonburg

Sarah Hennis, Social Media Coordinator

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The girls’ basketball team fell to Harrisonburg with a final score of 50-16. This home game against Harrisonburg created a challenge for the ‘Cats and they could not catch up to their opponents.

The starters remained in play during the first quarter. Seniors Hayley Cruze, Lyla Chittum, Jordan Dameron, Sophomore Emily Galford, and Freshman Zoey Camden played the majority of the game. The majority points were scored from the starters. The score at the end of the first quarter was 13-0.

The ‘Cats attempted many shots, but had trouble finding the basket.

“We need to work harder in practice on shooting and passing. We gave it our all on Friday night, but it wasn’t enough,” said Camden

The ‘Cats scored twice in the second quarter, both by Galford, with one a three-pointer. However, Harrisonburg was still making consecutive shots, ending the second quarter 27-5.

The third quarter had more points made by the ‘Cats. Galford, Cruze, and Chittum each scored, resulting in a score of 36-11.

Wrapping up the game, Galford made a three-pointer and one free throw, ending the game with a final score of 50-16.

“We played hard, even though the score didn’t show it. We fought till the end. We hope to place 4th in districts, we just need to work harder,” said Cruze.