Girls Basketball Shoots Through the Season

Sophia Carlucci, Social Media Coordinator

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Last year, girls’ varsity basketball ended the season with a record of 4-20 and girls junior varsity basketball went 10-10. At the start of this season, the girls’ varsity team has won three out of four games.

Andy Coffey, the head girls’ basketball coach, has one year of coaching experience at RCHS. Coffey has set a goal to have a perfect season, stay competitive, and improve on playing skills.

“Our goal is to win all of our games this year. We need to stay competitive and keep looking for open shots. Emily Galford is really helping carry the team this year,” said Coffey.

Second-year varsity player and varsity co-captain Galford began playing varsity basketball as a freshman. Galford is very thankful for the experiences basketball has brought her and has learned from them.

“For me as a freshman it was a learning experience adapting to the intensity of varsity level ball. I am thankful for the opportunity to play with a great group of girls,” said Galford. “It is nice knowing you have a group of girls that are going to support you and help you become a better athlete.”

“My goals for the season are to improve each day, to build each other up as a team and of course have a winning season,” said Galford. “I am excited to see how everyone grows and improves throughout the season.”

The girls’ basketball team’s record is 4-9 so far this season. Varsity co-captain Haley Cruze continues to have a positive outlook on this year’s girls’ basketball season.

“Just like every team, we had our ups and downs, however, I think this upcoming season will be a lot better. The members of the team this year have a stronger bond making the overall environment better,” said Cruze.