Girl’s Cross Country Advances to Regionals

Maya Humston, Reporter

The 2018 Girls’ Cross Country season has officially come to an end. Months of practice paid off when they placed second at districts and made it to regionals.
Team co-captains, seniors Violet Jetton and Faerin Dick, had only positive things to say about the season.
“It was good, I think we had some really good races, the middle part of the season I think is usually the strongest,” said Jetton. “I sprained my ankle, so I haven’t been especially present in the past couple weeks, but everyone has been pushing through and working really hard to stay close.”
The team’s coach, science teacher Christopher Bowring, felt similarly.
“They’re all doing a great job,” said Bowring. “This year I have a greater number of seniors than I have had in the past, they will be moving on, so I’ve had an opportunity to work with those runners for four years, and they have gotten better each year.”
The team currently consists of two freshman, six juniors, and four seniors. The three top runners on the team are all seniors. This means that next year, the team may need time to adjust.
“The team is a little topheavy in terms of the number of seniors — some years I have one or two, this year I have four, so it’s a little bit different in that respect,” said Bowring. “Particularly the top runners — Faerin, Violet, and Sarah are the one, two, and three runners on the team. Losing those three will make it what they call in coaches language a ‘building year’ next year.”
The current captains agree that next year may be a tough one for the team.
“Whoever the captains are next year will have to put a lot of effort into recruitment,” said Jetton. “They’re going to have to make it seem super fun, and probably going to have to talk to the lower classes more than the upper classes. But it’s going to be definitely tough to get people back into it.”
The graduating seniors have all expressed sadness at leaving the team.
“I’m going to miss the fact that I always had people to run with,” said Jetton. “Running on your own, there’s just no competition honestly, it’s just not as fun. And so it’s encouraging to run with a group, and you always have really good conversations, and you become closer because you’ve been through a lot. You’re just so tired while you’re running, but it feels much better when you’re doing it with someone. Especially with that specific group of girls, because I feel so close to them.”
Dick felt similarly nostalgic when looking back on this past year.
“I’m going to miss it all,” said Dick. “I’ve known these girls for four years now, most of them, so we have really good relationships.”
Even the new members of the team have already formed this bond. Junior Karalynn Timmes says she enjoys the camaraderie that comes with the sport.
“I really like hanging out with the girls and making friends,” said Timmes. “It’s such a close team, it’s definitely been my favorite part.”