Swim and Dive Plunges Into A New Season


Freshman Ali Pfaff practices her backstroke for the next meet.

Cierra Bolster, Reporter

The Wildcat Swim and Dive teams have reached the 2019-2020 season. Last year, coaches Leslie Ayers and Morgan Richter took the team qualified for the state competition where a handful of RCHS swimmers competed against schools from all over the state. Sophomore Ella Vaught described how this season is going.

“The year has gone super well,” said Vaught. “Being with the team is always really fun.”

Swimming is considered a team sport; however, each swimmer is competing individually to help their team gain points. Junior Hope Huger is one of the two juniors on the girls’ team this year.

“Swimming is different from other team sports because it’s basically every man for himself,” said Huger. “You’re trying to get your own best time, which makes it a really competitive sport.”

The captains of the boys’ team are Juniors Charlie Smith, Aiden Mason-Valasquez, and Paul Grazjil. As the oldest and more experienced, Smith is well aware of how the bond works for the team.

“The bond is unlike any other, especially since we are put in situations where we have to drop our insecurities and learn to be accepting of ourselves and each other,” said Smith.

There are few seniors on the team, and this year the captain of the girls’ team is senior Liliana Vargas. Seven freshmen joined the girls’ Swim and Dive team this year. Freshman Heidi Schwarzmann has swam for local clubs in the past, but is new to the RCHS team.

“As a freshman, I feel no different from anyone else on the team,” said Schwarzmann. “Everything is based on ability, not age or grade.”

Freshman Maxwell Pearson is swimming with RCHS for the first time. Pearson plans on continuing swim throughout high school.

“The swim team has been one of my favorite things about high school,” said Pearson. “I hope to continue it for many years with my awesome teammates.”