The Basketball Team Shoots For The Top


Girls team huddling in a timeout.

Nakole Allen, Reporter

The Varsity Girls Basketball team has been working hard through the season. They have a current record of four wins and five losses. 

Sophomore Emily Mahood feels confident in her team’s abilities this year.

“I feel like our team this year has a tremendous amount of potential,” said Mahood. “We have been playing with each other since sixth grade, so I feel like we understand each other well while we are on the court.” 

Mahood also has some things she would like to improve about herself as a player.

“Personally, I would like to improve my ability to transfer good practice into my games,” said Mahood.

Mahood thinks that they have been playing well, but that the team could use some work.

“Overall I think we have been playing well, specifically on defense,” said Mahood. “However, as a team I would like us to be more confident in one another and as a whole. I think it would benefit us greatly to have a winning mindset.” 

The coach of the girls Varsity team, Misty Armstrong, feels that the girls have been doing well. 

“I feel like our team is doing a great job of communicating, maintaining composure, and working hard to be the best for each other,” said Armstrong. “We are getting focused on district play and look forward to continuing to improve each game.”

Armstrong feels like the team is composed of not only good, but courageous players.

“The Varsity team has some strong senior leaders, and some juniors and sophomores who are really stepping up,” said Armstrong. “We have two freshman on Varsity who are working really hard, and I’m excited to see how they step up each game.”

Although Armstrong thinks highly of her team, she thinks there is always room for improvement. 

“Things we are working to improve upon would definitely be free throw shooting, limiting our fouls and turnovers, and finishing plays,” said Armstrong. 

Senior and captain Phynely Stores thinks her and the team could work with each other and improve themselves together.

“I would personally work on controlling my fouls, and as a team we need to work on foul shots,” said Stores. 

Although Stores would improve some things, she loves her team and is excited for this season.

“I love my team. I feel like we’re a family, and we work really well together,” said Stores. “We all have our strengths and weaknesses, so we work together to have balance.”