The Spring Football Season Begins


Senior Luke Mayr participates in a practice in the snow.

Maren Jetton, Reporter

Due to COVID-19, the football season was unable to happen in the fall as usual, but it is starting up for a late winter-early spring season. On Friday, Feb. 26 at 5:30 p.m., the Rockbridge County High School football team had their first game of the season. Senior and wide receiver Luke Mayr, and junior and quarterback Miller Jay both played in the recent home game against Fort Defiance, and won. 

“Although we ended up winning, I was not happy with how I played. This year is very different because we have to take necessary precautions before we can even start practice. We also had much less time to prepare than we normally would. The amount of people allowed at the game has been downsized, so we miss out on the big crowds,” said Jay. “Although there have been a lot of unfortunate changes, I think we have a good chance of being really successful this year. Our offense scheme is very effective, and our defense is solid.”

The football team has their next game on Friday, March 5. The team has been adjusting to practices in colder temperatures than they are used to and going straight into games with less time to prepare. Mayr has doubts that this season will have a reliable season due to the pandemic. 

“Hopefully there will be more games in our future but with COVID-19, you never know. This year has been really crazy and because of the pandemic, practices have been a lot colder and more fast paced because we are trying to get as many reps in as we can,” said Mayr. “I honestly love everything about football, but most of all, I love being with the team on and off the field. With COVID-19, I’m not allowed to be with the team off the field as much as I would like. I definitely think we have the potential to go far as long as everyone does their job, and we don’t turn over the ball. Without football, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Football has taught me how to be a leader on and off the field. I will always remember the memories I have made with my team and my coaches, which are why football is so important to me.”

Although this season is full of uncertainties and the unknown, the team is confident that they will do well as long as they keep up with practices and stay healthy. 

“Football gives you what you put in, so you are as good as the amount of hard work you put in,” said Jay. “That’s why I like it.”