New Manager for Boys Lacrosse Team


Maxwell Pearson, Reporter

In the midst of a new season starting, the boys lacrosse team has a new addition that will help them stay organized and keep their gears turning. Sophomore Emma Brooke has volunteered to become a team manager for the Wildcats. The team has been without a manager for years which has given Brooke a blank canvas to work with. 

Brooke has played lacrosse since fourth grade, so the sport itself is not new territory to her. Although she understands the athletic standpoint of lacrosse, she wanted to take a step back and grasp what it means to be on a team while learning priceless life skills along the way. Brooke is covering the media side of things for the team. She is filming practices and games, and recording drills and sets for workouts. She is also creating a website that is going to be filled with pictures, film, records, and stats.

“The website was created to become a practical source for parents and athletes to access data related to the team,” said Brooke. “Photos will be released on the website along with PDFs of the rosters, game schedules, senior profiles, history of lacrosse in Rockbridge County, and much more.”

Not only is she managing the technical side of things for the team, but she is also keeping the practices running. Brooke keeps up with the equipment, organizes practice drills, and ensures that everything is ready for productive practices. She films parts of the practices for players to look at to learn and improve. This job is purely voluntary, but Brooke plans on taking these time management skills  and applying them to other parts of her life. 

“I’m learning new skills daily that I know will be great for my future. Even though the job is busy, I really enjoy everything that I’m doing,” said Brooke.

The team is thrilled to have Brooke to ensure that they make the best of the shortened season this spring. 

“I am looking forward to when games start. Even though this year is quite different, games are always an exciting addition to a season. Honestly, I’m excited about every part of being a manager for this team,” said Brooke.