The Wildcats are Running through Fall Sports


RCHS’s Maddie Dahl goes for a hit over to the Spotswood team

Eleanor Dare, Sports Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world and changed how the human race lives their day to day life. It was getting better, the world had returned to work and school, friends were hanging out and families were back together. Even with the worst of this virus over, it still seems to sneak in and affect small town sports teams. 

The 2021 season hit off with a bang at RCHS. The RCHS varsity football team defeated their rivals, the Parry McCluer Fighting Blue’s, varsity volleyball is already acing their season, and cross country just keeps running over the competition. Everything was going well. Practices were running on schedule every day, games were being played and matches were being held. Then, the coronavirus was able to grab on and hold tight, and began noising its way into RCHS. 

The JV football team and the JV volleyball team ended up having to quarantine and it put a pause on their season for 2 weeks. 

Freshman Clay Irvine, who plays wide receiver and safety for the junior varsity football team, was very positive about the whole situation. 

“It was pretty tough but after we came back we worked just as hard and pushed ourselves and as I look on to the season we push ourselves even more to be great,”said Irvine.

However, the JV team is back and ready for the rest of their season with a win over Fort Defiance 20-6. JV will head to take on the Spotswood Trailblazers on October 6. 

Junior varsity volleyball also took a hit and had to postpone their season for two weeks. 

Freshman Lily Clark, who plays setter and outside hitter, also had an experience with quarantine and the postponing of her freshman season. Not only did the quarantine affect Clark but it also hit the rest of the team. 

“I think it affected the whole team by not being able to play with each other. It affected us personally because we missed out on bonding with the team which makes us better as a whole,” said Clark.

Clark and the rest of the team are back in action and ready to see where their season goes. 

Both the two junior varsity football and volleyball teams were hit the hardest by all the COVID-19 restrictions and quarantines. Other teams, such as varsity football, have struggled with it but have managed to remain operational and ready for the rest of their fall season.