The Volleyball Team Takes on the Gobblers and the Blue Streaks

Kinsie Ellis, Reporter

The volleyball team has been on a winning streak. The game against the Broadway Gobblers, originally scheduled for 10/13, was moved to 10/12. They played 3 sets and won all of them. On 10/14 they played against the Harrisonburg Blue streaks and were able to beat them within the first 3 sets. This will continue their winning streak of 13 games. 


Sophomore varsity player Sophie Vaught said, 


“We prepared by working on serve receive and defense in practice. The games went very well especially against Harrisonburg, where we were able to work well and execute well as a team.”


Sophie commented on the next game.


“To prepare for the next game, we are resting after a long week last week, and getting ready for a tough match Thursday vs. Spotswood.”


Their next game will take place 10/21 against the Blazers at Spotswood Highschool.