Fall Sports Beginning to Wrap Up

Emma Brooke, Reporter

As the cold weather approaches, the fall sports seasons are nearing an end. Cross Country, Golf, Volleyball, Competitive Cheer, and Football are the fall sports offered at the school. Overall, the sports team’s have had seasons with large success rates.

 On Sept. 30, the girls XC team placed first in the meet and the boys placed second. Brian Kendall is one of the top runners for the boys team. 

“I think as a team we are doing just fine. We have a very good chance at making regions, we just have to stay focused and keep working hard,” said Kendall. 

To focus on these goals and make evident improvement, Kendall stated a plan. 

“I think if we make our depth a little better, we can improve a great amount. This means that everyone counts and everyone has to get just a little bit faster,” Kendall continued saying, “If we all move up a place or two in districts, we will be in a much better place as a team,” said Kendall.

The Cross Country team has their last meet, their district meet, on Oct. 27 at Turner Ashby.

The Football team has had a larger win record than loss record. The team currently has a 5-3 win-loss record and 3 more games to go in their regular season. Isaiah Williams, a wide receiver on the Varsity team, was able to give comments on the team’s marked success. 

“I feel like we’ve finally got the train rolling. Middle of the season you finally get to see what works & what doesn’t,” said Williams. 

Even though facing large and high scoring wins recently, Williams discussed a plan on how to keep the wins coming in. 

“Whenever the passing game is taken away, I know we can depend on one of our running backs to get the offense going,” said Williams.

One of the team’s most noteworthy wins was on Oct. 8 against Spotswood. The game was close but a pick 6 by Andre Poindexter and a touchdown by Garrett Stillwell put them in the lead. The next Varsity home game is on Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. at Broadway High School. 

The golf team is now facing the end of their season with one of their players reaching the state levels. Sofia Vargas went to states on Oct. 10 and scored in the 80s. When asked what the team needs to work on, Vargas made some comments.

“I think that our team did really well, especially since we were really young, ” said Vargas.

The game of golf is an individual sport where you are playing for yourself.  The golf team had a solid season with Sofia Vargas leading girl’s golf and Andrew McCoy leading the boy’s team. The team placed fourth in the region.

“Each match we wanted to improve for when it actually mattered, ” said Vargas. 

Competition Cheer has been placing and domineering at their meets. The Squad also got 2nd in their first district competition. Competition Cheer placed 2nd team all-district. Overall, they placed third.

Heidi Schwarzmann, a member of the competition team, was able to talk about their competition this season.

 “We went to two invitationals, [so] we could see what we needed to add. We got fifth overall and 3rd in our district. This helped us see what we needed to improve,” said Schwarzmann.

Schwarzmann went on to talk about regionals coming up on Oct. 23. 

“Saturday we have our regionals against 10 teams. We are aiming for top 4 so we can move on to states,” said Schwarzmann. 

The Volleyball team has had an impeccable record this season. They have an overall record of 20-4 and have had a very successful season. They have three more games in their regular season until they start competing at the district, region, and possibly state level. The Volleyball team won districts Oct. 21 against Spotswood for the 5th year in a row last week.

In summary, all of the athletic teams have had a very successful fall season. Next season, indoor track, girls and boys basketball, wrestling, swim, and scholastic bowl will begin. Stay tuned for more information coming up about the winter sports! To find out more information about the sports teams and events, visit www.rockbridgeathletics.com or their instagram @rockbridgeathletics.