RCHS ‘Cats March into Band Competitions


Emma Brooke

Marching Wildcats perform at a halftime show.

Eleanor Dare, Sports Editor

For over 100 years, high school bands have been a joy to have during football games, pep rallies, and any big school events. The band is there to hype up the student section, play for the cheerleaders, and keep the energy high. 

Rockbridge County High School houses their own marching band, the Marching Wildcats. This band performs the national anthem during football games, puts on a halftime show, and plays the fight song to keep school spirit up when a touchdown is scored. For the past few years, the band has been growing in size while their production has increased. And not only do these Wildcats play at football games, but they also compete in competitions. 

On Saturday, Oc. 30, the Marching Wildcats competed in two competitions. These were highly anticipated competitions that the ‘Cats were excited to participate in. 

The first half of their day was spent at Monticello High School in Charlottesville. They first competed in the state assessment. The state assessment is when the whole band, including color guard, perform in front of a panel of judges and they get assessed on how clean and pristine their performance is. The ‘Cats came out with a rating of two which means “excellent” in the world of marching bands. 

Senior drum major, Nate McEntyre, was very happy with the morning outcome. 

“I think getting the excellent rating was a boost for us. I am glad we got the rating we deserve. The band has worked so hard and I’m glad I get to be the drum major for all these hard workers.” 

During the second half of the day, the Marching Wildcats competed in the Powhatan Classic at Powhatan High School, which is located right outside of Richmond. They competed against ten schools in the AAA category. This was the actual competition where the band was competing for first place rather than just competing for an assessment. The ‘Cats came in last but were given a score of two and a rating of excellent.

Junior Jake Cline is a member of the Marching Wildcats and plays the quad drums. 

“The competition was fun. I like playing my drums and competing. I think it went pretty well.” says Cline

The Marching Wildcats are completed with their competition season but are looking forward to the annual Christmas Parade. The ‘Cats will continue to prepare for the parade and then be on the way to the 2022 competition and football season.