RCHS Winter Sports Introduction


Eleanor Dare, Sports Editor

The Wildcats of RCHS had a very exciting Fall sports season. Every team was able to represent RCHS in the best way they could. The varsity football team had their 5th district appearance after an exciting regular season. Now, the ‘Cats are moving into winter sports.

This season includes basketball, basketball cheer, swim, wrestling, and indoor track. With the sports seasons already in full swing, the ‘Cats are set to have some thrilling seasons. 

Boys’ basketball has a current record of one win and one loss. In their first home game, the boys were able to defeat Fort Defiance 53 – 46. Their second game was a hard loss to Staunton, 53 – 82. A member of the boys team, junior Daronde Stores, has been looking forward to the season and is excited to continue. 

“I love basketball. I’ve been looking forward to the season for a while and I feel like it’s going to be a good year. The team is pretty good and I think we are gonna have some fun this year” says Stores. 

The boys have their biggest game Friday, Dec. 10 against Parry McCluer.

The girls’ basketball team has had a harder time getting into their season. With a record of zero wins and two losses, the girls have a bumpy road ahead. Sophomore Halina Homiak is a member of the girls varsity basketball team. 

“Since I am new this year, I was excited to try basketball at RCHS. Even though we haven’t had the best start to the season, I’m loving it already. I made varsity as a sophomore which is something I’m proud of. I love the team and our coach. Since I am a versatile player, I play anywhere they need me, which is fun because I get to move around a lot” said Homiak. 

RCHS Wrestling had their first meet against Parry McCluer on Dec. 3 and 4. The team will go to have a duel against Fort Defiance on Dec. 15. 

Swim has yet to compete, with their first meet coming up on Friday, Dec. 10. After a short season last year, this upcoming season should be more exciting for the team.

RCHS sports are always something to look forward to and with winter sports already in full swing, the ‘Cats are ready to “give ‘em hell” and get those wins.