Spring Sports Spring Into Action


Adam Elrod, Arts and Style Editor

With March rolling around, spring sports have started to jump into action preparing for the upcoming season. Some sports are beginning to play in scrimmages while others are practicing and training for their seasons.

Seniors Krissy Whitesell and Jacob Ivins have been members of the track and field team all four years at RCHS. 

“I think the upcoming season will go well,” said Whitesell. “We have a lot of potential on the team so I’m really excited to see how successful we are.” 

The team has been diligently practicing to prepare members to advance far in the conference.

“One of our goals this season is to send more athletes to the state championship than we have in recent years,” said Ivins. “ I believe this is very achievable with the team we have.”

Senior Margaret Dudley is a member of the RCHS softball team and has played travel softball in past years.

“I think we have a lot of potential as a team and I’m looking forward to watching us improve,” said Dudley. “Our biggest goal as a team is to have fun, but win some games while doing so.”

Senior Will Murdock has been a part of the RCHS baseball program all four years of high school.

“I think judging by our first scrimmage, we have a really promising group of guys,” said Murdock. “We have a great team chemistry and a lot of guys who play like they want to win.” 

The team is looking to have a successful season and move far in the playoffs;

“I think the main goal we have as a team is to just do the best we can,” said Murdock. “We definitely have the potential to make it far in the playoffs and I know we all want to get there.” 

Senior Mary Denson has been a member of the girls tennis team for three years at RCHS.

“I think the upcoming season will be a lot of fun, especially with the awesome group that we have,” said Denson. “We obviously want to win matches, but we are also working to build a future team.” 

Sophomore Malcolm Kosmos has also been on the RCHS tennis team for three years.

“The upcoming season looks super promising,” said Kosmos. “Despite having a small team this year, we are looking to win as many matches as we can.” 

Senior John Gregory has been playing soccer since childhood, and has been on the RCHS soccer team for five years.

“Our season this spring is looking really good,” said Gregory. “We have a strong team, and our goals are to have a winning season as well as advance far through the district and make it to the regional tournament.” 

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