Sports Injuries Impact Student Athletes


Emma Bates

Athletic trainer Ms. Courtney taping an athlete in the training room.

Emma Bates, Reporter

Every year there are injuries in sports. Many of these injuries can end the whole season or can just put the athlete out for a game or a couple of practices. Some athletes struggle with getting back into the daily routine with school and sports practices. Athletes get out of shape increasingly during the summer. Most fall sport workouts start over the summer to help make sure athletes are in top shape by the time the fall comes around. Many studies have shown that football is one of the most dangerous high school sports.

Landon Joines is a senior on the varsity football team.

  Despite many different injuries there are many ways to overcome them.“Over time football or any sport wears your body out,” said Joines. Furthermore, “Me playing O-line, I have really bad knees and if I do not move every now and then my knee locks up,” said Joines. ”You just gotta keep moving because the worst thing to do with an injury is to just stop. You [have to] ice, heat,  and do what helps, but moving is one of the most important parts to recovery.” said Joines. 

Abby Hickman is a Senior on Cross Country team “I would say the most common injuries in Cross Country are stress fractures and shin splints. I have not had a stress fracture, but I did have shin splints freshman year,” said Hickman. 

“Shin splints are tiny cracks in your tibia that are caused from a sudden increase in mileage and usually on hard surfaces. There is not a way to make the shin splints go away immediately, but different exercises can help,” said Hickman. Taking time off is also a good cure for shin splints.

“When I had them, I took about a week off then slowly got back to running and the pain was more manageable.” said Hickman. 

Cheerleading is another sport that is considered very dangerous due to the person to person contact. 

Marcella Wallin a Junior on the Varsity cheer squad.

 “Cheerleading is a sport in my book considering the constant strain that is put on all of your muscles,” said Wallin.“Bases deal with constant pain lifting another person in the air for a certain amount of time is not as easy as it seems. Almost every practice someone can get hurt, someone can fall out of a stunt or some people may get hurt under a stunt.” said Wallin. “The goal is to never let a flier hit the ground. Cheer is a sport where most of the time your team is first and you come second.” said Wallin. 

Courtney Simpkins is the Athletic Trainer at Rockbridge County High School

“The most common injury I have dealt with this year is hamstring strains,” said Simpkins. “The best way to prevent this injury is stretching before and after exercise, also make sure to stretch during exercise if you feel it’s getting tight.” said Simpkins. 

One last tip is to make sure you are eating enough proteins and getting enough rest before your activity and take proper precautions when an injury occurs if possible take a trip to Ms. Courtney the athletic trainer.