The Wildcats Close Call To Victory

Mackenzie Mynes, Reporter

On Sept. 23, the Cats had a close but victorious win against Fort Defiance. The home game’s final score was 26-29. The Wildcats trailed Fort Defiance for the first three quarters of the game with many close touchdowns.

In the first three quarters, three touchdowns were scored. This left the score being 21-26 with eight minutes to go. Still, Fort Defiance was taking the lead.

However in the fourth quarter things turned around. With fourteen seconds left on the clock, senior running back/linebacker Daronde’ Stores scored a touchdown followed by a two point conversion by senior running back/defensive back Andreas Poindexter which led the Wildcats to one of their most climatic wins of the season. 

Jayden Layman, sophomore quarterback, talks about how he felt after his teammates brought them to victory.

“It felt great, it was such a sigh of relief. The sideline was pumped, the coaches were pumped, everyone was happy that night.” 

Even though it was a win by the end of the night, the team still hopes to work towards improvement. 

“I think we can go forward with the win and definitely work on some things we need to practice to get better,” said Layman. 

There is hope for improvement for the next game. On Oct. 7 there is an away game versus Spotswood High School.