Riveting Races at VMI

Stephen Wells, Reporter

Rockbridge Indoor track attended the Walt Cormack Memorial at VMI on Jan. 21 along with 40 other school teams. Students competed in the 55, 300, 1000, and 1600 meters, long jump, and shot put. 

Deborah Fashida, Melissa Mejia, River Hull, and Charles Reynolds ran the 55 meters. Hunter Howald, Konner Orebaugh, Brooke Eichelberger, and Madeline Swisher have a new PR in the 300 meters. Andrew Brannon, Deena Ludtke, Grace Rolon, and Evan Roney have a new PR in the 1000 meters. Grace Rolon has a new PR in the 1600 meters that Dean Fafatas also ran in.

“This Saturday, I ran the mile instead of the two mile. It was definitely a big change and I felt that I could have run faster,” said Fafatas. 

Two notable races: Evan Roney placed 4th overall in the 1000 meter with a time of 2:39 and Deena Ludtke qualified for state in the 1600 meters with a time of 5:36.45. 

For shot put, Konner Orebaugh, Bri Marando, and Ben Batis have achieved a new PR. Bri Marando reached a season PR with a throw of 27 feet and 4 inches. Ben Batis reached a season PR with a throw of 36 feet and 5 inches. Jorge Martinez and Maddox Jordan competed in the long jump, too, for the first time. 

 “It was exciting to try something new with one of my newest friends, Jorge. There was a lot of sand and some laughs while we both were trying to do our best with something we had never done before,” said Jordan.

This last Saturday, the indoor track team met at Liberty University for another invigorating run.