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Formula 1 Race Season Begins in Bahrain

Pedro Mendes
Turn 1 at the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix

As the sun set on the Bahrain International Circuit on March 2, and the floodlights flicked on, a new season of intense competition arose for the pinnacle of motorsports. The 2024 Formula 1 season ignited under the floodlights of the Sakhir Desert, promising a spectacle of speed, strategy, and innovation from every one of the 10 teams.
Formula 1 is known for high speed, international races, advanced technology in the cars, and a global fanbase. It began in 1950, and has since evolved into a complex and structured sport that captivates audiences worldwide. At the heart of F1 are the drivers, only 20 of whom get the chance to compete each season.
These drivers are akin to fighter pilots, flying down the track at speeds exceeding 370 km/h (230 mph), F1 drivers usually experience up to 5 g forces while braking, 2-3 g forces while accelerating, and 4 to 6 g forces while cornering, meaning they need to be in peak physical condition, exceeding that of many other professional sports. The drivers are supported by the teams that design, build, and maintain the cars throughout the season.
Each team has its own unique history and approach to racing, all sharing the common goal of being the fastest and scoring the most points. Points in Formula 1 are earned by placing within the top ten or having the fastest lap of the race. The driver in first place is given 25, second place is worth 18, third is worth 15, seventh is worth 12, and it counts down by two from there, ending with tenth place being worth a singular point. Having the fastest lap is also worth one point.
The season began in the Bahraini desert with a dramatic display of resilience and technical prowess from the teams and drivers. Oracle Red Bull Racing, with their star driver, three time World Champion Max Verstappen, delivered a masterclass in racing as they secured a commanding victory, leaving rivals–and his teammate–far behind in his wake. Verstappen’s somewhat expected flawless performance in Red Bull’s new car, the RB20, was complemented by his teammate, seasoned F1 veteran Sergio Perez, who placed second. This effectively shut out the podium for every team besides Ferrari.

Ferrari, in an outstanding performance placed third and fourth, with the soon to be replaced Carlos Sainz taking third, on the podium with the two Red Bulls, and Charles Leclerc taking fourth behind Sainz. Mercedes, the once dominant force, continued their quest of reclaiming the top sport. Lewis Hamilton, in his last season with the ‘Silver Arrows’ before transferring to Ferrari, fought to overcome a rather disappointing performance in qualifying, placing seventh, while his teammate, George Russel, placed fifth.
McLaren, with drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, also had a strong start to the season. Norris managed to secure a commendable sixth place, after a long battle for the position with Hamilton, while Piastri managed to secure eighth place.
Aston Martin also had reasons to be optimistic for the season ahead, Fernando Alonso, the seasoned veteran, crossed the finish line in ninth place, adding points to the teams tally. His teammate, Lance Stroll, completed the race in tenth place, ensuring that both of the team’s cars finished with points, setting a solid foundation for the season ahead.
Formula 1 is not just a series of races; it’s a narrative unfolding at breakneck speed, where every turn can tell its own story. It’s where strategy meets pure skill, where milliseconds matter, and where the blend between machine and driver is little more than poetry in high speed motion.
F1 might not seem like the most entertaining sport to watch at the first glance, but once a person is hooked, it’s easy to fall in love with the stories, the drama, and most of all, the racing. To watch the next race, you can go to F1 TV for the best experience, or you can watch on ESPN+. These are the two easiest and most cost efficient ways to watch a race, but for the best viewing experience, a person could spend their life savings on a flight and a seat at the next race…just a thought.

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