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Top 10 MLB Stadiums Ranked


The MLB has some of the best stadiums in all of sports with lots of history and amazing architecture. There are many things you can judge a stadium on. We will be choosing our top ten  stadiums based on food, architecture, history, and atmosphere. All 30 MLB teams and their stadiums bring their own unique experiences that are exclusive to their city.

At number 10, we have Busch Stadium in St. Louis. This is the home of the Cardinals. This stadium ranks number 10 because of its excellent skyline which displays the awe-inspiring architecture of the gateway to the west, the St. Louis Arch. This stadium has seen some very good games, including two World Series wins in 2006 and 2011. The stadium honors their greats with a tribute on the left field wall displaying members of the Hall of Fame. 

In the ninth spot is Petco Park in San Diego. This is the home of the Padres. This stadium has one of the best backdrops in all of baseball. The stadium is designed for all the fans to be close to the action and close together to enhance the atmosphere. The architecture and style of this stadium embraces Southern California and shows off the great views of San Diego. 

Coming in at number eight is Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. Camden Yards is known for its great food, the Babe Ruth museum, and view of the Baltimore skyline. The ballpark is known for its signature Maryland seafood and crab cakes, which make it consistently ranked among the best in the league. The stadium officially opened in April of 1992 and has hosted an All Star Game.

Number seven is the home of the Mets: Citi Field. The ballpark is in Queens, New York and can seat 41,800 people. Citi is known for the red home run apple in center field, which rises out behind the fence after every home run. Mets fans often pack the stadium, making a Mets game a fun experience. The food is solid, however not as impressive as New York’s other stadium.

At number six, is the iconic Wrigley Field in Chicago. This is the home of the Cubs. The Cubs are one of the most historic teams in baseball. They have existed since 1876. There have been countless movies made about this iconic stadium with its grass lined outfield walls. Even a whole neighborhood was built around this stadium, Wrigleyville. Famous movies like “The Natural” have been filmed in this stadium which adds to its aura and history.

Yankee Stadium rounds out the top five. The stadium has housed the Yankees since 2009 and seats almost 47,000 people. The Stadium is known for its atmosphere, with passionate Yankees fans packing the games to max capacity. The food is also some of the best in all of baseball, with the stadium serving New York classics like Italian sausage and pizza. In the chance of a Yankees playoff game, the Stadium has the chance to be one of the most fun in baseball.

In the fourthth spot is Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. This is home of the Phillies. This is one of the nicest ballparks in baseball. It opened in 2004 and has invited excellent fans and a great atmosphere every year. This place is very loud and electric in the playoffs, especially if the Phillies make it to October. To go along with the noise, Citizens Bank has some of the best ballpark food in the MLB, serving local favorites like cheesesteaks and chicken cutlets.

At number three, we have Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Fenway Park houses the Red Sox. This is one of the most historic ballparks in all of baseball. The Red Sox have won nine world series in Fenway Park, one of those coming in 2018. The Green Monster or the left field wall, is typically referred to when talking about Fenway Park because of its uniqueness. Fenway Park is truly one of a kind. 

Oracle Park in San Francisco is the second best stadium in the MLB, home of the Giants. This stadium is special because of its location in proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Just over the left field wall there are no bleachers or seats, it is just the Pacific Ocean. This stadium has seen some very good teams in the early 2010’s, three even winning a World Series. The Giants are also very historic, becoming a team in 1925. In terms of uniqueness, Oracle Park is certainly one of the best.

Finally in the number one spot is PNC park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. This stadium showcases an excellent skyline which shows the steel city’s beauty. In terms of the stadium, this stadium has great seats, great grass, and some great food. It showcases hints of steel and greatly compliments the bridges of Pittsburgh. This stadium has been home of the Pirates for over 20 years, but the team is way older than the stadium, being founded in 1882 as the Pittsburgh Alleghenys. This stadium is truly the best in the whole MLB.

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Bennett Bishop, Reporter
Sophomore Bennett Bishop is a first-year reporter for the Prowler. Bishop is excited for the class because he will get a chance to improve his writing skills, and ability to research and to interview. In his spare time, Bishop is a member of the baseball team and plays during the summer and fall seasons.  He also likes to watch other sports, including football, basketball, or any Philadelphia sports team. Other than sports, Bishop enjoys food, travel, and spending time with his family. Other aspects of Journalism that he is looking forward to include learning about local events and meeting new people. After graduation, Bishop will attend Duke University to play baseball.
Dean Fafatas
Dean Fafatas, Reporter
Dean Fafatas is a sophomore reporter for The Prowler. This will be his first year in journalism, and he couldn't be more excited. In his free time, Fafatas likes to hang out with friends or watch  movies. Fafatas also participates in three sports: golf, indoor track, and soccer. Some of his interests are hiking, traveling, and watching sports. Fafatas is in two clubs Y-street and Outing club. He likes these clubs because of what they do and the people in them. Dean is on the sophomore class council as treasurer. Dean is hoping to learn how to use new technology and how to write articles at a higher level.  

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