Cheer Competition Recap

Evan Roney, Reporter

On September 15th, RCHS varsity cheer team had an invitational competition in East Rockingham. They placed second for the valley district and fifth out of 10 teams at the competition with their cheer and dance routine. 

When asked how they think the team did overall, Morgan Humphries said, 

“I think we as a team did great! I personally believe that has been the best time we have performed the routine!” 

Marcella Anne added, “I think we did really really well, there were definitely some small things we could have done better but I’m super proud of us overall.” 

When asked what are some things they think the team did especially well, Baileigh Ramsey replied, 

“We hit all of our stunts and we had great tumbling.” 

The girls enjoyed watching the other teams as well as the team experience that came with the event. Overall the cheer team did very well at the invitational competition.